Landing Page

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is typically defined as the page a visitor "lands" on. Nowadays it is referred to as a standalone web page that is designed for a single purpose: to get new visitors engaged.Landing Page Landing Pages act as a lure in the sense that they limit options available to your visitors and usually provide a call to action. A landing Page is also crucial because it often times represents a first impression of your company and products and services.

What Are The Types Of Landing Pages?

There are two types of landing pages:

Lead Generation (AKA Lead Gen or Lead Capture)

The primary focus of Lead Generation Landing Pages is to capture personal information like an e-mail address, a name, etc., in return for subscriptions, newsletters, or free consolidation. The obtaining of information allows you to market and connect with visitors on a permission basis. Lead Generation pages should ask for minimal information. Don't ask for a phone number or address if you only contact via e-mail. Only ask for information that is critical.

Click-Through Landing Page

Click-through pages persuade the visitor to visit another page. An example of an effective click-through is describing details about a product or make an offer. The ideal destination page from a click-through landing page is usually the shopping cart or registration page.

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