Mobile Ad

What is a Mobile Ad?

A mobile ad is an advertisement that appears on a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or PDA. Much of mobile advertising is targeted to mobile phones. These ads are often rich with media and are quickly becoming more engaging, often using videos to communicate their message. A mobile advertisements effectiveness can be measured by views,  click through rates, click-to-call rates, and conversion rates. Two main models are used in mobile advertisements. The first, Cost Per Install (CPI) is when the publisher (like Google or a website) charges the advertiser when a user installs an app. The second method uses Cost Per Action (CPA) or Cost Per Event (CPE) and is based on a user completing a specific event which then the advertiser is charged.

Forms of Mobile Ads

Mobile advertisements can take many forms such as:

  • Mobile Web Banner
  • Text Tagline Ad
  • SMS Ad
  • MMS Advertising Units
  • Mobile Video
  • Mobile TV Advertising
  • Mobile Application Ad

The following image is an example of a mobile ad.

Mobile Ad

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