No Index - Marketing Terms

What Does No Index Mean?

A no index tag tells Google or other search engines not to index a specific page. If a page is not indexed, it will not be found via search. There are some cases where no index tags should No Indexbe used such as:

  • Email Promotion- some promotion pages are meant to be communicated only to segmented customers
  • Employee Only Pages - some links may be meant for internal source
  • Goal Completion Pages - an example of this is thank you pages that come after completing a purchase online. If this page were to be indexed then it would confuse visitors and distort data, which is used for analytical purposes, as no purchase has been made
  • Duplicate Content- if a page is a duplicate of another page

How to Create a No Index page

This is what a No Index Code Looks Like:


This code tells robots to not index the specific page but that it is still related to the pages that are linked to it.

Click here for information about Indexing.

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