Page Likes On Facebook

likesWhat Are Page Likes?

Page Likes are the number of times someone "likes" your content on Facebook. Liking something on Facebook is an easy way to let your followers know you enjoy some content without actually leaving a comment or sharing the post on your timeline. You can like any form of content from images to posts, to video, to audio, etc. Chances are if you can post it on Facebook someone has the option to "like" it.

Likes From A Business Perspective

Facebook is an incredibly useful tool for any business. It provides a unique potential to expand your brand's reach and attract new customers from posting and updating content. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, being able to "like" something can quickly transform from a simple action to exponential exposure. It also helps naturally target customers with similar ideals and needs. More specifically, when someone on Facebook "likes" some piece of your content it will automatically appear in their friend's news feed. Since friends usually share similar needs the simple action of liking a post actually helps the brand re-market to a similar target audience. "Liking" on Facebook quickly evolves into a way to build relationships and brand loyalty with interested customers.

Number of Likes Must Be Taken With a Grain of Saltpage likes

Just because someone likes your page or content does not mean they are going to convert or become brand advocates. Clicking the "like" button is just that, you enjoy that topic, but not enough to leave a comment or actually re-post it yourself. Although page likes can be correlated with conversion and profits, there is definitely not a direct causal relationship between the two.

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important

Facebook likes still help raise your visibility. Anytime someone likes your content or business page it appears in other people's new feed. It also helps build relationships with customers. When you are posting strong, relevant content, chances are your Facebook followers will be able to relate to it. The more relatable, the more likely they will comment, like, or share it with their friends. This interaction between users and brands helps build loyalty and builds trust among viewers. Finally, Facebook likes are important because you have the power to send direct, tailored, messages to all fans of your page or content. This is an incredibly useful remarketing tool for companies looking to move customers through their content marketing funnel. If a user already likes their page or content, they can learn and customize new promotions to further move each fan through the funnel, inching them closer and closer to conversion.


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