Page Views

What are Facebook Page Views?

Facebook Page Views help you identify how many people are visiting your page, and what sections specifically they are looking at. When managing your Facebook business page, you can find page viewsinformation about page views under the insights section. The page views sections shows data regarding individuals who visit your Facebook page. This information can tell you what people are actually using your page for. They might be visiting because they want to learn more about an upcoming event, or perhaps they're looking for a local business address.

In the insights section of your Facebook account, you can further break up page views and sort your visitors. You can break down viewers by age, gender, country, city, device accessed on, or by what section of your page they visited. If you are always  posting photos to your page, it is more likely that your albums section will have more activity. You can also determine what sources drive users to your page. This is extremely helpful when assessing your paid ad campaigns and your organic traffic generation.

The Importance of Facebook Page Views?

When someone visits your Facebook page for the first time it is considered a new view. First page views are very important because it is your best chance at making a good first impression. It is also important because if the visitor is not impressed they will just bounce out and probably never return. You want to impress customers the first time they visit your page so you can turn them into loyal customers, or at least do enough so they revisit your page one more time.

Page Views vs. Unique Page Viewspage views

Page views are described as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by an analytics tracking code. If a visitor refreshes the page after already visiting, this is counted as an additional page view. Any time this analytics code is loaded, it counts as a page view. If the user visits a different page and then returns to the original page, a second page view is recorded as well. Unique page views are the number of sessions which that original page was viewed one or more times.


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