Post Engagements

What Are Post Engagements?Post Engagements

Post Engagements are the number of times people have engaged with anything posted on your Facebook Page. Engagements can be anything from likes, to comments, to shares. Engagements are very important for any business using Facebook. They show how many people are connecting with your brand and how they are actually digesting your content. Most businesses strive for a high number of likes, when in fact, they should be striving for higher engagement.  Just because someone likes your page does not mean your brand is doing well. You must determine why they liked your content. Is it because a friend or family member also did so? Or is it because they actually enjoy the content?

Engagement = Likes + Comments + Shares

Why Are Post Engagements Important to Businesses?

Post Engagements Higher post engagement rates mean your brand has greater potential reach. Instead of worrying about likes, businesses should focus on strengthening their content. If you have strong content people will naturally engage with your posts, like them, share them on their timeline, and be more likely to recommend them to friends. Post engagement numbers also tell you more about the competition. More specifically, they tell you a great deal about your competitor’s social media plans and how well they are executing them. If your competitors are thriving, they will have high engagement rates and you can learn a great deal of information from analyzing and observing their page. However, if they are struggling, with post engagement around or below 1 percent then you know their social campaigns are not doing well. Knowing your competition’s strengths and weaknesses are crucial for any business. Therefore, analyzing and paying close attention to your, and your competitor’s post engagements can pay real dividends in the long run.

Post engagement also plays an important role in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. This algorithm determines which newsfeeds your content appears in, and ultimately, how many Facebook users your post will reach. Engagement can also tell you about your audience or users. More specifically, the engagement volume is strongly correlated with both the quality of your audiences, as well as the types of posts that people are naturally interested in. If you can make users engage in your content, then their actions act as a catalyst for your brand visibility. The more engaged your target market is, the more awareness you create for your brand.


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