What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an action that is taken by businesses to reintroduce a product of service to the market in hopes of reigniting interest to increase sales. By gathering data on bounce rates Remarketingand frequent visitors, companies can strategically use remarketing methods to determine the proper action that needs to be taken.

Remarketing Techniques

A popular remarketing technique is having more control over placements of your ads. This can be achieved simply through Google Adwords by targeting settings like "Bid Only" and "Target and Bid".

  • Target and Bid
    • By changing your settings to Target and Bid, this tells Adwords to restrict your ads to your remarketing list which is also known as your target audience. Your remarketing list can include people who are searching for a specific keyword, interest, themes, or topic, etc.
      • For example, if your remarketing list is to people who have searched "tennis", your ad will be shown on pages related to tennis. But if you specifically want to reach to tennis fans, you target the desired audience by setting your targeting method to "Target and Bid."
        • This helps you and your potential customer as you are allowing bids for individual targeting, like $1.50 for buy tennis racquet.
  • Bid Only
    • There are no restrictions.
      • Let's say your preference is to target tennis fans but are not limited to this audience.
        • First, display keywords as "Target and Bid." This ensures that your ads are shown based on your preferred keywords. Referring to our tennis example, people who searched tennis or anything in your list of keywords that you think are important or related to tennis will be exposed to your ad.
        • Next, set "Interests & Remarketing" to "Bid Only." This increases the chances that your ad will be shown to people with that affinity audience but won't be restricted to that audience.
    • Essentially, "Bid Only" allows you to set bids for individual targeting, like $1.50 tennis fans. If you are a company that produces and markets a tennis racquet, your ad will be exposed to people who may just be looking for more information on tennis, tennis teams, tennis tryouts, etc.

Which combination is more effective?

  • If you have an existing campaign, add a remarketing list and set it to Bid Only. The benefit is you can set a custom bid for certain audiences. Therefore, you can bid higher on past or frequent customers. However, it could decrease the amount of traffic you get as new visitors and members of your remarketing campaign must search in the same keywords to be exposed to your ad.
  • By creating a new campaign and setting it to "Target and Bid", you are able to utilize broad keywords for users on your remarketing list. For example, if a user views a page on your website about a used Dell computer, your ads will be shown to them when they search for a broader term like a used computer.
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