Core Analysis Technique: Segmentation

What Is Segmentation?

Segmentation is one of the two core analysis techniques that allow you to isolate and analyze the substances of your data. By segmenting your data, it is easier to identify concerns and Segmentationproblems and helps you to understand what is causing fluctuations in your aggregated data. A business could segment their data through marketing channels; this allows the business to see which marketing channel is more effective.

What Are Some Segmentation Methods?

You can segment data by:

  • Days of the week
    • When is traffic more popular?
  • Mobile devices and device types
    • Are people accessing your pages more from laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or personal computers?
  • Marketing Channels
    • What is the difference in performances from channels such as e-mails, social media, search engines, etc?
  • Geography
    • Which country, region and city will perform the best?
  • Customer Characteristics
    • First-time customers versus repeat customers.
    • What is the driving factor to becoming a loyal customer?

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