Social Card

What is a Social Card?

Social Cards are visible on social media networks and are the combined results of using:

  1. your social media post update, plus the use of an existing:
  2. social media link post image (usually 1200x628 because it works best on post channels),
  3. along with an attention-getting title (from the social metadata,  25 characters max),
  4. compelling description (from the social metadata, 30 characters max), and
  5. call to action (from the social meta + link URL or button depending on the channel)

Social cards is what you see as a “card” style display on the social channel itself and are a way to engage your audience with eye-catching, impactful content.

Social cards include usually include the link-post social image size because this social media image size is ideal for posting with a content update, and are the standard for when links are shared hence the name “link posts.” 

The best size is 1200 x 628 as it works well for Facebook, Twitter, Linked and also appear correctly on Google.

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Free SEO Analysis
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