Total Links & Linking Root Domains

What is Total Link?

A total link is a number of total links means all possible links to this page including internal, external, followed and not link

What is Linking Root Domains?

The linking root domains are a number of other websites that link to your page. Mozscape defined Linking Root Domains as: "It is a measure of trust, and can help predict a higher ranking potential".

Which one is more important?

The Linking Root Domains is more important, it can show the value of your website.


  • External Followed Links     10
  • Total External Links            20
  • Total Links                            2,567

Because of Total Link includes internal, external, followed and not followed. The total link profile for this website is 99.22% internal.

Let's see another example. Site A has 100 links that are from another website. Site B has a link that is from 100 other websites. Obviously, Site B is more valuable to the search engine.

What if Site A has a link that from 100 of websites, but those websites you never heard of. Site B has a link that from 90 of other websites, and all of those websites are well-known websites such as Wikipedia, Financial Times, BBC news. What do you think about which site is more valuable? The case here shows when you analyze the value of a site, you need to analyze the domain authority of the Linking Root Domains as well.

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