What Is A Marketing Funnel?

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Marketing Funnels are a sequence, or a process, that allows a visitor to learn more about your business, build trust, and convert into a customer. The marketing funnel takes the visitor through the physiology of building a relationship.

Marketing Funnel Basics

Marketing funnels contain a top, middle, and a bottom. While some funnels can be very detailed and completed, most funnels can be broken down into three main components:

  • Awareness (Top of Funnel)
  • Evaluation (Middle of Funny)
  • Conversion (Bottom of Funnel)

Traffic is the act of putting your offer and message in front of your target audience. Traffic can be driven to different parts of the funnel, but the objective is the move the website visitor through the funnel and converted into a long-term paying customer. To work effectively, your audience needs to be segmented and targeted to an appropriate part of the funnel. The part of the funnel that the visitor is targeted towards primarily depends on the relationships and familiarity the visitor has with your business, as well as the last action they performed.

Website Traffic Leads

A website visitor can come to your business as cold, warm, or hot leads. Cold traffic can convert into customers as they go through the marketing funnel. This happens as the relationship gets stronger. Here are the stages that most customers can experience.

  • Cold Lead: people who are hearing about your or your service the first time. For instance, introducing your business to your target market.
  • Warm Lead: People who have heard about you, but haven't taken further action. For instance, converting a website visitor into an acquire lead through opt-in.
  • Hot Lead: These are buyers and repeat buyers. For instance, selling a high-end product or service to your best customers.

Advertising campaigns need to have goals. If you don't have a goal, then you can't measure success. Campaigns are not platform specific, you need to be where your customers are and to use a mix of different platforms that are appropriate for based on the relationship. Your goal is to: 1) Understand who you are talking to, and 2) what stage you are in the relationship. The ads and offer differ based on the point of the relationship.

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