What is a Podcast?podcast

The term Podcast (A blend of “iPod” and “Broadcast”) refers to an audio show, similar to a radio show. These audio shows are typically spread out in series and downloaded through the internet. The user who downloaded the podcast can on any device with a media player. Podcasts can be made by absolutely anyone who has access to the internet and a functioning computer. Early on, Podcasting was typically done by free-spirited amateurs looking to get their voice heard. Currently, podcasting has been taken on by major news stations, broadcasters, and magazines to promote their own wide-spread audio show operations. Podcasts can also be referred to as a net cast to convey a brand neutral option.

Useful Features

First of all, a great thing about Podcasts is that they can often be created at no cost. All you really need is a microphone and recording software. As a result, this means anyone with a device can create content! Creators can generate revenue by monetizing their podcasts with ads and posting special content on certain sites. A useful Podcasting feature is that you can subscribe to certain podcasts you enjoy and be notified when a new episode has been uploaded. This allows for viewer retention and improves the effectiveness of using a podcast as a marketing tool. While podcasts are audio shows, videos that are using the podcast model and found in the same locations are called vodcasts. Due to superior video posting alternatives, vodcasts are usually done by brands that are exclusive to podcasts.

Best Places to Find Podcasts

These audio shows are usually completely free. You can access them with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Depending on the device you are using, you can access podcasts in different ways. Through a smartphone or tablet, you can find the audio shows by downloading a specific podcasting app such as Pocket Casts, Overcast, Castro, or Downcast. These apps are now as “podcatchers.” In regards to a computer, the most efficient way to find podcasts in through software such as iTunes. iTunes has its very own podcasts section where you can find a dedicated list of thousands of programs and episodes. You can them listen to them through iTunes or download them to iPhones and iPods. Another alternative is to search for them on the internet. Content from podcast creators is usually posted to an associated website where you can download the files in addition to listening online.


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