What is Cold Traffic?

Cold Traffic Definition

What is Cold Traffic?Cold traffic is someone that is not familiar with you, your brand, your solution, or product/service. Cold Traffic is the new blood of the business. It is a critical part of your marketing system because it involved reaching out to people in your target market. Cold traffic can become warm if your business starts building a relationship and trust while building authority by providing information and resources your audience finds valuable.

Goals of cold traffic:

  • Introduction of product or service
  • Create awareness of business
  • Awareness of product
  • Awareness of the problem your target has
  • Giving value

What to do with cold traffic?

  • Build a Custom Audience: Pixeling the cold traffic to re-target later
  • Segmentation: measuring the interest that offers can be created down the road

What to promote to cold traffic?

You can send your cold traffic information and resources that help build trust and authority. For instance, you can lead with something content driven that solves a problem or educates the target audience. If you are promoting content to cold traffic, make it sound like information and not an ad. Explain the value and you tease the audience, while telling them exactly what they are going to get.

You can also send your cold traffic:

  • Blog post: solving an issue, or providing something very informational about a subject they are interested in
  • Social media updates: catch their attention and get them to your website
  • Content videos: similar to a blog post, but visual
  • podcats: similar to a blog, but in audio format
  • Case Studies: information and proof
  • Quiz/Survey: quizzes interest people
  • Lead magnet: give them something free in exchange for an email (and pixel)

Once your audience performs an action or downloads a pixel, it is time to re-target them again and move them from awareness of your brand to evaluation and have them become an actual lead. During the evaluation stage of the funnel, the visitor will compare you to other brands and options and start deciding whether you and your product or service is the right choice for them.

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