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The Internet Marketing Management

Internet Marketing ManagementTraditional marketing methods are merging with digital technologies to create the phenomenon that is internet marketing management. With the exponential growth of the Internet, people are turning to online networks to search for services and products in their area. Without a strong online presence, businesses are missing out on a lot of opportunities. So, how do your prospective customers find you? They look to search engines. Each search engine has an algorithm to determine which websites get on their first page and top spot. How can you get there? The answer is an effective digital marketing strategy. More specifically, utilizing great SEO planning and techniques, PPC management, as well as other internet management services. If you can correctly implement and keep up with these new trends in marketing, your business will thrive.

Strategic Planninginternet marketing management

Like with traditional marketing methods, internet marketing requires proper management. Effective digital marketing strategies and techniques must be considered before anything gets implemented. Planning involves knowing what your goals are. In digital marketing, goals can be factors such as video views, clicks to a website, and much more. By knowing what your initial marketing goal is, this will better your planning methods.

Know Your Tools

internet marketing managementNowadays, there are many online marketing courses and tools you can use to start your digital marketing journey. Tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite can create more time. Google Analytics is a tool that measures your bounce rate, goal conversions, and much more on your business website. In essence, it is a data tool that gives you measurable results so you can change or improve your strategy. This can also allow you to see what strategies are working. Hootsuite is a social media tool that allows you to post to all of your platforms at once. Imagine having to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels independently. Not only will this eat a lot of your time but it would feel pretty tedious. By linking all of your channels onto tools such as Hootsuite and BuzzBundle, you can post anywhere and everywhere!

Build A Great Website

internet marketing servicesKeep in mind that social channels are rented land. This means that their conditions can change at any time. To have a solid foundation, build a functional and great website for your visitors that you have full control over. Your website should not only be functional but be mobile optimized for any device. If your website is not mobile optimized, you are losing on a lot of great traffic and potential buyers. As soon as people jump onto a site that is not convenient for them to browse on their tablet or phone, they jump to your competitor's website. Websites are more than just a “Flashy creation.” They have a specific job to do and a company oriented goal in mind.

Most Common Online Strategies For Small Businesses

No matter the size of your company, almost every business seeks to develop an online presence. But this is especially true for small businesses. Small businesses in the local area can include online and offline strategies. But a healthy portion of it should be dedicated to online efforts. There are five main areas that small businesses should be interested in to get their digital marketing campaign off the ground.

Local Search Marketinginternet marketing management

Local search marketing is also known as local search engine optimization. This function integrates your location. A prospective customer can get immediate directions to your business. Your business will be listed at the top of Google with mapping and address information. It is common for phone numbers to be listed as well.

Search Engine Marketing

This is more likely known as search engine optimization. Search engine marketing gives you a chance to compete with the top dogs of your industry by just being visible in search engines. Users turn to search engines to find products online and locally. By showing at the top spot of Google, you can drive more relevant traffic to your website. This is done through thorough keyword research provided by your own online advertising manager from Digital Shift.

digital marketingEmail Marketing

Email marketing is about building a list of customers and prospective customers. Essentially, you are creating a remarketing list for different groups of people. That way, you can control what kind of information to send to them. People in different groups will have different interests and intentions. By targeting them carefully and specifically, you can predict their consumer behavior.

 Content Marketing

Our internet marketing management team at Digital Shift can also help create relevant content for your website to assist with search engine rankings. When a user types a keyword into search engines, it will provide a list of websites most relevant to that user search. Therefore, by writing content using keywords will help you rank higher. Content can be used to educate and inform a customer about a product, service, or simply just your brand.

Social Media Marketingdigital Marketing

Depending on the type of business you have, you will integrate a variety of social platforms. By being where your target audience is, it gives you and them a chance to connect and facilitate conversations regarding your brand. Social media keeps people in contact with your business. For example, local restaurants can use social media to communicate what their specials are.

Why Choose Digital Shift?

With online traffic being a great lead for business, having great internet marketing management is your way to more business. At Digital Shift, we strive on creating long-term relationships with our clients. As such, we provide a free consultation for you to evaluate your current digital marketing efforts.  The same way a business is started is how the creation of an effective website is developed. That is where we begin. We take a look at the core of your business focusing on the internal and external properties which appeal to your market. Wouldn't you enjoy having internet presence management that takes care of your digital marketing efforts such as:

  • Create strategic online solutions that are unique to each client's needs
  • Research and planning to create a user-centric design
  • Design for your target audience to maximize usabilityinternet marketing management

Have you ever seen a website that looked very creative, but you did not know how to navigate the website? We see a lot of this and it is not lack of creative talent but a failure to look at the whole picture. Think of us as your online marketing manager. Our process guarantees that your website fits your businesses and your customers' needs. Our SEO pricing and PPC management packages are affordable for all businesses. With no hidden start-up fees or long term contracts, we look to enhance your business. Contact us. to get started with internet marketing management today!

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