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Professional Business Email Service

Professional Business Email Service Features

Professional Business Email ServiceOur professional email hosting is $4 per month per account. You can have aliases under each account. An account is defined as an individual login, so if you have an email account [email protected], we can also set it up so that you receive [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] under the same login.

  • Secure POP/IMAP connection

    Deliver email to your users' favorite clients—from desktop Outlook® to an iPhone®.

  • Custom mailboxes

    Enjoy a professional appearance and experience with [email protected]

  • 25GB mailboxes

    Large mailboxes that your users will have a tough time filling up.

  • 50MB attachments

    That's twice the size of many of our competitors!

  • Custom email filtering

    Set filtering rules to deliver messages wherever you want.

  • User aliases

    Set up as many email addresses as you'd like and point them at your main email address.

  • Outlook Auto-Setup

    Quickly & easily set up a user's Outlook with just their username and password.

  • Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

    Three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe. Learn more about our anti-spam and anti-virus scans.

  • Encryption

    SSL encryption hides data during transmission.

  • Separate Email Server with secure web mail login

  • Customized interface

    Add a company logo. Change background colors and header images.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Check email from anywhere—an advantage of hosting email in the cloud instead of on your desktop.

  • Robust email client

    Do practically everything you're used to doing with Outlook, but on the web.

  • Shared calendars

    Quickly view or share calendars with anyone on your domain.

  • Shared contacts

    Share access to a company directory (similar to the Exchange GAL).

  • Instant messaging

    Chat is available within webmail to help your organization easily communicate from anywhere.

  • Mobile Sync

    Real-time email (push), calendar, and contact syncing for your iPhone or Android®. add $1.00/user.

  • Notes & tasks

    Boost productivity with these indispensable applications.

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