Do You Use Phone Call Tracking On Your Website?

How Do You Track Phone Calls Coming From Your Website?

As a business owner, you allocate your budget into many different digital marketing tools such as social media ads and search engine optimization. Now the fruits of your labor are coming in the form of phone calls and soon you see an increase in revenue. As your business grows, you not only want the best marketing tool but also great accuracy. Call tracking tools are a great way to measure effectiveness. For example, you can set one phone number on your Facebook ad and a different phone number on your Google Search Network Ad. After a period of time, you might see that people are calling the Facebook ad number more than the Google Search number. As a result, you will want to allocate more of your budget towards your Facebook ad.  There are many call tracking tools that can help you measure effectiveness but which ones are the best for your business?

The Three Call Tracking Tools You Can Use

Call Rail

Call Rail is the best choice for most businesses because it covers almost all of the functions you will need: call tracking, platform integration, data generation, data analyzing, and data reporting. The highlight of Call Rail is its ability to generate detailed reports. If your business is currently running many digital marketing campaigns, Call Rail is strongly recommended.

Call Fire

When you need a short term tester, Call Fire is your go to. The call tracking functions provided by Call Fire are great for testing the performance of your ads. The biggest takeaway of Call Fire is its flexible and affordable pricing with five cents per minute/text without a monthly fee. You can use their pay-as-you-go service to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaign as well. If you are only running a few digital marketing campaigns or do a quick ad performance analysis, Call Fire is the right call tracking tool for you.

Call IQ

Call IQ is your standard call tracking tool as it covers a lot of specific call tracking functions. A unique Call IQ tracking function allows you to track employee performance. Call IQ's data center captures and records everything when a customer calls. Depending on the size of your business or marketing campaign, you are free to choose which plan will work best for you. In a nutshell, Call IQ offers a variety of different functions that others may not have.

Call Rail Call Fire Call IQ
Call Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Caller ID Masking No No Yes
Integration Google Analytics, Adwords, Salesforce, WordPress Google Analytics Programming Languages support
Record Messages Yes Yes Yes
Email Notification Yes Yes Yes
International Number Yes No No

The chart above is a visual summary of some basic features that each call tracking tool offers. While you are not restricted to these three call tracking tools alone, we hope that this has provided you with a better idea of how call tracking can continually benefit your business.

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