PPC Tools

What Do We Recommend For PPC Tools?

Advertisers pay a small fee every time their ad is clicked. This is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising where marketers bid for an ad placement. By searching a relevant keyword, your site may or may not show at the top spot on Google. If PPC is done correctly, the fee should be trivial as the visit should always be worth more than what you’re paying for. 

PPC encompasses a lot of different campaigns: from researching, selecting, organizing relevant keywords to building optimized PPC landing pages for conversions. We have selected four PPC tools that we deem worthy of your time to enhance your PPC campaign.


Unbounce arms you with the right tools to build custom and optimized landing pages without relying on a technical team. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in creating landing pages, this tool also provides you with templates if you happen to be stuck. Rearranging elements on the page takes mere seconds. You can also implement advanced design features like parallax scrolling and high-quality full page background images to your landing page. By adding a lead generation tool to your landing page with Unbounce, you are able to generate leads for not only sales but also email campaigns. As traffic is coming more frequently from mobile devices, Unbounce can build a mobile responsive landing page that gives you flexibility in updating your design and layout.


iSpionage can be known as an ethical spy tool. What is your competitor’s conversion strategy? What are their SEO keyword lists? How much are they spending per month on AdWords? By using iSpionage, you get an in-depth look at how your competitors are doing and their PPC strategy. Essentially, iSpionage allows you to learn from your competitors and identify problems in your online marketing campaign.

WordStream Advisor

Using WordStream Advisor, you can see better results from online advertising. WordStream Advisor includes six features that make your online marketing campaign easy to manage. WordStream offers smart alerts, mobile-responsive landing page templates, call tracking tools, easy-to-understand visual reports, a platform that manages your Facebook, Bing, and AdWords platform, and effective tools to help you with Facebook advertising.


A complete PPC toolkit that gives you data insights, one-click optimizations, advanced reports, and enhanced scripts for your PPC necessities. Data insights gives you an overview of how you’re doing with PPC, the power to monitor all of your metrics and accounts on one dashboard, and notifies issues before they escalate. With one-click optimizations, it finds your relevant keywords, optimizes your bids, ads, and displays network campaigns and product listing ads. Advanced reports are shareable among your employees which everyone can see the aggregated data for all of your campaigns, labels, and accounts. Enhanced scripts not only has automated optimizations every hour, but also expands your account and keeps it in sync with your inventory and feed, and automatically adds your data to spreadsheets for processing.

There are thousands of PPC tools out there which all have their pros and cons. By utilizing some of them, you can make PPC easier and learn as you go as you experiment with different campaigns to see what will generate the best results.

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