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Digital Shift Media has been a Website Design Company since 2007! The company originates from Kitchener, Ontario; right around the time that the tech-hub started to boom in the area (I like to think of it as the Silicon Valley of Canada). Approximately 3 years ago, we found a great opportunity within the Edmonton market, and we wanted to take advantage of it. That made us available as an Edmonton Website Design Company, and now we have customers in all various parts of Canada and the United States.

We are confident in our products! We have a strong passion for developing websites, and we do everything in our power to make our customers happy! Digital Shift truly believes that we are only as successful as we are able to help our customers be successful. If you need proof of our happy customers, visit our Testimonials page! .

What makes Digital Shift Unique?

We understand what our customers want! Creating a new website is always the right choice! But often there are so many risks associated with creating new websites, i.e. hard to use, high price tag, no support etc. At Digital Shift, we don't want you to take on all that risk - in fact - we take on all the high capital cost risk on, and you pay on a monthly basis. Almost like leasing out your website. However, with that monthly cost comes monthly support, which means we will never abandon you! We will be here along the way, whenever you need us!

The key is, we don't just build you a website and transfer the ownership of it! We want you to know how to use your website - we will train you on all your websites functionality! Once your website goes live, you will know how to post blogs, make new pages, put new content on pages. Changes will be easy for you to make! When you are not sure how to make changes, that is no problem either - that is why you have your monthly support, to get our help to make changes.

Monthly Payment Website options

We have many different website packages available for our customers because we understand everyone has different needs. Whatever your needs are, we know we can find a way to help you! Check out our common website packages if you want more information.

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