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Search Engine Marketing Calgary AlbertaDo not lose any more customers because of outdated or incorrect information. Do what you love to do and improve your visibility with our awesome marketing services! We will take care of your marketing so that you don't have to.

We have been offering a variety of marketing services since 2007. The world of internet marketing has changed greatly since our inception, and we have been working hard to keep ahead of the trends. We have worked with a variety of clients with vastly different project needs, across many different industries and service areas. The experts are Digital Shift are confident that we can achieve the Search Engine Marketing goals that you have.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

The basis of a strong Search Engine Marketing Plan is to have a strong website that is optimized for the most popular Search Engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have different algorithms that change how information is picked up, reviewed, and organized. It is almost as if each Search Engine has a different language. Our team of experts are fluent and well educated in the 'languages' of the top Search Engines, and know how to build websites that will have the best results.

Search Engine Optimization is based on increasing your ranking against competing websites. In heavily saturated industries, such as fast food or gas stations, this is all about find ways to out perform your competitors. In smaller more precise industries or markets, the challenge can be more about ensuring your business shows when the exact keywords or complimentary keywords are searched. Even if you are the only Cat Therapist in Whitehorse, without a properly optimized website, your customers may never know you exist.


Starting from scratch isn't always the best way to optimize a website. Sometimes, it takes careful tweaking of already existing content to get the best results. In other cases, building new websites are the only way to salvage a negative web perception. Which ever the case, our team at Digital Shift is flexible enough to provide you and your website the service it needs.

In addition, creating strong links to other websites is a good way to increase your rankings. This can be to directories, websites of complimentary products, news stories - anything! We at Digital Shift will ensure that the links to your business or website are being properly recognized by Google, Bing, and other search engines.

SEM Implementation Plan

The first step to your Search Engine Marketing plan is to complete the Health Check. We've created this tool to assess the current state of your website, and provide information for increasing your rankings.

Once we have determined the current standing of your website, we can begin to discuss the goals you have for your website and for your business. Will you want a new website? Would you prefer tweaks to your current website? Will you need frequent or periodical updates or content creation for your website? In terms of your goals, are you hoping to bring new people to your website, or make your website more user friendly for your current customers? Are you interested in creating online advertisements for search engines and social mediums? Our expert advisory team will help you to answer these questions and others, to ensure that you are getting the package that will get you the best results for a price that fits within your budget. Remember, our packages are flexible, and do not hold a contract. This means you can increase or decrease your service level at any time.

A strong website is just the beginning. Once your website is optimized, we can start to bring in customers using a variety of organic and paid advertising techniques. Paid advertising, such as Pay-Per-Click advertising on social mediums, is a staple of any modern marketing plan. Your customers are already spending many hours on social media each week, why not show them what you have to offer? Many PPC ad campaigns require membership on social mediums. We'll make sure your business page is set up effectively to speak to both your customers and search engines.

Once we have optimized your website and/or created your digital advertisements, we will monitor performance, and adjust the ads accordingly. We will test and adjust the ads until we are getting the conversions and impressions that you desire. Just like search engines, social mediums have different restrictions and 'languages'. As social media advertising is still a fairly new advertising medium, these languages are constantly evolving to meet the new demands of your customers. We work hard to ensure that we understand the latest developments, and plan your ads accordingly. Our team is well-trained to keep a close watch on the analytics of your account, to monitor changes within the market, and to win you the customers you deserve.

Our Promise

At Digital Shift we believe in transparency and building open and lasting relationships. Once we have co-created a plan that fits your needs, we will get to work right away! You can be as involved in the creative process as you'd like. Whether you'd like to give feedback along the way, or only provide us with some information at the beginning and wait to be wowed at completion, we are happy to keep you updated on our progress.

We know you're busy, and that creating a strong website that best represents your business may not be high on your to-do-list. At Digital Shift, we are dedicated to creating websites that will work with your other marketing efforts to attract and keep the customers that you desire. Call us today to set up your complimentary Website Assessment.

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