SEO Optimized Blog Posts are Easy to Write!

SEO Optimized Blog Posts Don't Need to Be a Nightmare

Blogging can be a great marketing tool for your business. Blogs allow you to educate and inform potential customers, along with establishing authority and expertise within your industry. SEO Optimized Blogs will help you generate traffic to your website! A major advantage of blogging is that these posts are a long-term tool that will continuously work to bring traffic to your site weeks, months, and even years down the road! In order to maximize these benefits, blog posts should be created with SEO in mind. A properly SEO optimized post will be ranked higher on search engines, generate more website views and traffic, and add more value to the viewer!

Steps to Creating an SEO Optimized Blog Post:

1. Start Blog Post

After logging into your content management system go to the blogging section, select "Posts" and then "Add New"

SEO Optimized Blog

2. Keyword Research

The first thing you should do is determine the best keywords to use for your post. You should have an idea of what you want to write about. The subject of what you want to write about will determine the keywords, which will be the main focus of your blog and is what people would search to find the blog. Think about what your potential target market would search and try to utilize that as the keyword. Enter the possible keywords into a keyword search box if available. If you're not sure what keyword to use enter your keyword idea and "do more research" in step 3.

SEO Optimized Blog

3. Keyword Analysis and Selection

At this point, you have an option to analyze the keyword to determine whether it will be effective and select the best one for the post. To have the keyword analyzed you will need to have such a feature available to you. We offer such a tool for our services. The tools will scan the internet and provide you with details about the keyword you choose. These details include the popularity of the keyword, number of searches made, the amount of competition for the keyword and the trend of the keyword. The tool will provide you with other suggestions to help you pick the best combination of words. Simply hover over the arrow for a keyword and select the best keyword with a favourable analysis while still covering your main purpose.

SEO Optimized Blog

Pro tip: Review the number of social discussions, number of Google searches, competition for the keyword, and the search trend before making a keyword decision.

4. Follow SEO Tips

To make integrating the keyword into the post as easy as possible, our tool also provides live suggestions to better optimize the post. By writing your article with this tool and attempting to have most, if not all, areas filled green, your post will be SEO optimized. Your blog is almost ready for posting!

SEO Optimized Blog

5. Final Touches and Posting

Before you post your blog, ensure that you have selected and filled out everything, including Tags and Featured Images. Once everything is set, simply click "Publish". If your social media is integrated into your website, this will automatically be posted on all your social media channels. That's it! You now have published an SEO Optimized blog!

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