SEO (Search Engine Optimization)... What's This All About?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

seo-finalSEO is a combination of content, social media, and search ranking. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to get your content (Website, image, article, video) to rank high in Search Engine. The most common Search Engines are: Google, Yahoo and Bing. On-page SEO is described as "Organic," a non-paid way of having your content included. Your search ranking is decided based on how relevant the content is compared to the search query, the relevance of the material and its credibility. There are many other factors that determine who will place at the top of the results. We want to make sure that you are aware of some common factors so that you can increase your online visibility and grow your business.

The Most Important Parts Of SEO

Content is King

Content is crucial for your SEO success. It is imperative that your content provide's the user with the information they are requesting based off of their search query.  You need to make sure that your content is fresh, engaging and that it brings the visitor some valuable information. If your site has stale or outdated information you are not likely to score very high. Provide your visitors with unique and interesting ideas and always ask yourself  "could I find this on any of my competitors websites?" Search Engines monitor how effective your content is and they utilize this in determining your overall SEO score. If your visitors are not engaged they will not stay on your website and your rank will be affected.

HTML Optimized

Proper code is important. You must make sure your website's code is properly optimized to increase your ranking.  Some of the most important areas of this are:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header tags
  • Image tags

It is always best to make sure these areas of your site are optimized. If you are unsure if your site is properly optimized click here for your Free SEO Report. Send us your website details to get a second opinion from Digital Shift, and to gain some valuable information about your website's SEO.

Citations/Link Building

It is beneficial to link your website with other websites, consider it like a recommendation for your website or providing one for another website. If there are many websites linking to your site that must mean you offer something valuable. The same happens when you have a link to an external website. Having 100 links coming from one site is O.K., but it is not as significant as having 100 links from 100 sites - it means your content is reaching a larger audience. The validity of these links is monitored and if foul play is detected your SEO score will get penalized. Make sure to offer high-quality links and only link to another site if significant value will be added to your visitors' experience.

Social Media Circles

Some websites have stricter guidelines for linking. Social Media has provided another avenue for sharing content. Linking was a way to recommend content to a visitor. Sharing through social media is a way to recommend information and this is a monitored and a measured factor that contributes to your overall SEO success. How can you tell if your social media strategy s working? Have a look at your SEO ranking. The more activity you can generate on social media the more favourable a Search Engine perceives your content to be. Staying up to date on your industry trends on social media not only increases your credibility within your industry but increases your overall SEO ranking.

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