Monthly SEO Packages

Complete Monthly SEO Packages

Pay Monthly SEO PackagesDigital Shift's Monthly SEO Packages are designed for growing businesses who understand the importance of cash-flow. Getting in front of prospective customers online with SEO, while holding on to more cash that will help operate your business is essential. Your business will be provided with Monthly SEO Services that help it grow and gain customer awareness.

Digital Shift will help you save time and money by taking on your daily search engine optimization needs as your digital marketing partner. You won't have to invest the time to learn SEO, and you won't make fatal beginner mistakes.

Our SEO plans enable you to grow your business strategically while keeping more cash on hand. Our SEO Services Pricing is as follows:

SEO Lite
3 Keyword Groups
Up to 30 Keywords
Fully Managed SEO
5 Keyword Groups
Up to 50 Keywords
Fully Managed SEO
SEO Premium
10 Keyword Groups
Up to 100 Keywords
Fully Managed SEO
SEO Enterprise
20 Keyword Groups
Up to 200 Keywords
Fully Managed SEO

We have straightforward pricing with no setup fees and no long-term contracts.  We don't lock in our customers because we want happy customers that love our services. See what customers are saying.

What Exactly is a Keyword Group?

A keyword group typically consists of 5-10 unique keywords and key phrases. The exact number depends on the search frequency and competitiveness of your product or service within your service area. We work with keyword groups rather than listing the exact number of keywords we will focus on because SEO is very technical and topical. Keyword groups are determined and grouped after our complimentary keywords research. Get started with a complimentary assessment to learn more.

Included in All Monthly SEO Plans

All of our monthly SEO plans include the following:

  • Daily Keyword Tracking
  • 24/7 365 Reporting Portal
  • Monthly Content Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO updates
  • Off-Page SEO and link building
  • Ongoing Website Audits
  • Site Speed Optimization

Start working with an affordable SEO company. See our SEO company reviews to see what customers are saying about Digital Shift. We can assist you with research, plan, and execute a digital marketing strategy that includes an affordable SEO component. A well planned digital marketing strategy will help you win customers online.

All of Digital Shift's SEO link building programs are 100% white hat and Penguin and Panda compliant.  You will never need to worry about getting hit with a Google penalty from the work that we do.

Get Started with a Complimentary SEO Audit Now

How Do Our Monthly SEO Packages work?

Before Digital Shift gets started working with you, and your business, we perform a complimentary analysis and consultation to analyze your marketing strategy. This allows us to carry out a Digital Shift Online Marketing Health Check to help better advise you on your digital marketing efforts.  Not sure what package is best for you? Contact us and we will review your goals and determine the competitiveness of your keywords in your target service area before we recommend a solution.

Monthly SEO Pricing

Monthly SEO means no-risk to you. We provide a money back guarantee with our month-to-month service. There are no long-term contracts with our services and you can cancel anytime. Monthly SEO Packages make sense to your accountant and to your business!

Looking For Only A Local SEO Solution?

You can't get professional SEO for cheap, but are you looking for low-cost SEO packages or affordable SEO packages? Consider getting started with Local SEO Services. Digital Shift provides Local SEO solutions to enhance your local search results with monthly payments for high-quality work! We have several tiers depending on your needs so be sure to see our Local SEO packages.

Local SEO Packages Start at 749 per Month

If you have any questions about our SEO packages or need some additional assistance, feel free to contact Digital Shift or call 1-855-482-4242.

What Is The Importance Of Keywords?

Choosing appropriate and effective keywords are essential to growing a successful business. Some words are searched more frequently than others while others might completely fall off the map. In other words, their popularity may have declined over the last couple of years and people are searching for its synonyms instead. If your website content is still using and optimizing for those keywords, your website will not be ranking very well on Google. This is a common and careless mistake that allows your competitors to rank better than you and inevitably steal your business.

However, it is important that you do not optimize for the wrong keywords as they must still be relevant to your business. But what keywords are your competitors using? How can you be one step ahead? Regardless of what SEO package you decide on, your plan will include thorough keyword research that tells you what kind of words to keep in mind when producing your content. The effort that goes into researching what relevant keywords to optimize for will be generously rewarded by seeing your website rank higher and higher on search engines.

What Is The Reporting Portal?

We want you to know how your website is doing at any place at any time. Once your website is created and has a sufficient amount of great content, you will get full access to your website. This includes information such as your website SEO, website analytics, your social connections, your ad campaigns, and call tracking. Armed with this information you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your plan as you may or may not need some of these services or perhaps consider it for the future.

What Is Included In The SEO Component?

There are five categories in the SEO component: rankings, backlinks, competition, site audit, and google search console. In rankings, you can see where your website is on Google and Bing when certain keywords searched and whether you have increased or decreased in ranking on those respective search engines. Backlinks are important to SEO as they get external pages to link to a page on your website. Even though the more links you have the better, the links must be credible. By knowing how your competitors are doing, you can make sure that your website is a step ahead. You also get access to your website's audit which is an easy-to-understand summary of the skeleton of your website. What are your top queries and top pages? You get access to this information through the SEO's google search console.

What Is Included In The Analytics Component?

What is revealed to you here, is a condensed version of your overall data in Google Analytics. Know where your potential customers are coming from, approximately how many pages they view per session, average session duration, and the percentage of new sessions and your website's bounce rate. Your channels will be segregated into different platforms. This means that your data will also be properly filtered. Know where most of your audience is coming from in the audience section of your analytics. This not only allows you to see which country you are the most popular and least popular in but also what device they are using. While this is unable to tell you what pages should be optimized better for what mobile device, it does give a general idea of what needs attention. Check if you are also making a profit with the conversion tab by getting an overview of your goals and conversions.

Your website's pages will be broken down to give you information such as bounce rate, exit rate, page views, pages per session, etc. This will tell you what pages may have issues that prevent your potential customer from surfing the rest of your website or what pages may be difficult to navigate and read. Your data can also be segregated by landing pages and exit pages. You can also keep track of your events.

What if I need more Keywords?

You can purchase additional keywords groups for $500 per keyword group with any SEO plan. Not sure how many keywords you need? No problem! That's why we offer a complementary keywords analysis before we start. You can also contact us and we will create a custom plan just for your needs.

Do You Offer Social Media Services?

Yes. you can check out our social media service page for more details. The Digital Shift team will build a campaign for you that is designed to meet your goals. Depending on what social media platform you are using, you will get valuable data that corresponds to each platform. For example, if your marketing campaign is strongly geared towards Twitter, it tells you how many re-tweets each of your posts are getting and the number of favourites.

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