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With how fast the self storage industry is growing, you may wonder what self storage SEO is all about besides ensuring your website is keyword-optimized, has a high site authority, and ranks high in organic searches. Most SEO service providers and marketers focus on Google as their main target while ranking other search engines (i.e., Bing, Yahoo) as secondary. Why? Because Google accounts for 93% of the global market share.

Due to the high number of competitive businesses taking place online, you need excellent SEO practices to make yourself visible to self storage customers. Every day, online searchers seek optimal, cost-effective storage units. SEO for self storage facilities has become increasingly popular, and it’s important that you consider the benefits of local SEO

How Digital Shift Can Help Your Storage Business With Effective Self Storage SEO

Why Is Self Storage SEO Important?

When you picture Google as a catalog to promote your business, you want to be at the front of the search engine results page, ranking at the very top. This is where SEO becomes essential for local businesses, including business owners in the storage industry. Reaching out to local online searchers requires effective storage marketing strategies to increase your online visibility.  

What Matters in Self Storage SEO?

  • Strong website authority: Your domain strength will predict how well you’ll rank in the SERPs.
  • Local citations: Every business needs a legitimate Google business profile with a transparent local citation and business listing that includes contact details and a physical location.
  • Brand awareness: Many things constitute brand awareness, such as the story behind your business, the value you bring to people, the difference you make in your community, and how engaging and valuable your service is to the community.
  • Quality backlinks: Self storage SEO will benefit a great deal from link building, whether it is internal linking via your own website or using canonical links relevant to your website’s content.

Once you have mastered the above, you’ll see rewarding results that will lead to a high volume of phone calls and incoming emails!

Self storage SEO rankings matter in terms of:

  • Increasing organic traffic: High-quality SEO for self storage will drive a lot of organic traffic to your website. During that increased online traffic, it is important that your prospects consume valuable content where you, for instance, offer good deals on storage options.
  • Converting prospects into customers: The more transparency and value you provide to your online searchers, the higher your chances of them turning into paying customers.

Why Hire Digital Shift For Self Storage SEO Service?

Digital Shift brings over 15 years of experience helping local businesses rank at the top in Google searches with SEO’s best practices. There is a lot more to search engine optimization than you think, and storage companies like yours will greatly benefit from our hacks!

Self Storage SEO Strategies

  • Ensuring that your business is in the local business directory listing (including local citations). This allows you to make use of your Google business profile, formerly known as Google My Business
  • Consistent keyword-optimized content creation on your website 
  • Participating on social platforms to increase visibility and create brand awareness
  • Building links internally or externally to improve search rankings and domain authority
  • Google Ads and social media ads

Running Out of Storage Marketing Strategies? Hire Digital Shift For Effective Self Storage SEO!

If you are a storage service provider struggling to optimize your self storage website, our SEO experts know exactly what to do! Allow us to prove to you how our proven, effective SEO strategies will be a game-changer and positively impact your business! 

Call today for a no-obligation consultation about self storage SEO with one of our pros!

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