Setup Google Analytics Account for Website

Setup Google Analytics Account for Website

If you are not using Google Analytics, it's not too late. Digital Shift strongly encourages its clients to review their website data frequently and often. If you do not have a Google Analytics follow these easy steps.

STEP 1: Visit


STEP 2: Log in or create an account:


If you already have a Google Account, such as a Gmail account, sign into your Google Analytics using this account.

If you do not have a Google Account, create an account directly from

  • Click "Create an Account."
  • You will be required to enter an email address and password

STEP 3: Enter your web site URL address into the box labeled "website's URL" on the sign-up page and click "Continue."


STEP 4: Read and accept the terms of service


STEP 5: Click "Create account."


Google Analytics Website Integration

Google Analytics is built on a powerful reporting platform to help you track your progress and data. It allows you to decide what data you want to view and customize your reports and dashboards. Digital Shift Media includes access to log file statistics as well as a Google Analytics Integration for all of its clients. Our clients are automatically set up for a Google Analytics account, which flawlessly integrates with their website. The dash board is very intuitive and gives you insight into your online strategy.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Fine tuning your visitors' online experience and meeting their interest and needs is definitely good for business. Google Analytics is a very useful and user-friendly tool. The data collected from your website visitors allows you to perform many unique analysis. It can be used to identify popular webpages and topics your visitors are interested in. Google Analytics provides you the opportunity to make enhancements to your website and overall online strategy.


Tracking Website Visitor Behaviour is Important for Business Decisions

Information can be used to drive your business decision-making process. For example, retailers can use statistical data to get a live indication of which products are the most popular. This online information can be used strategically in the physical store through advanced product placement. The popular products can be placed in the corners of the store so that customers will select other goods to purchase while they’re looking for the item they originally came in to buy.

Companies also use online data to attract advertisers. Reports and analysis with click rates are generated to review performance. Fully documented statistics can actually help increase the value of advertising space and ultimately generate more revenue.

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