Social Media Management Pricing

Our Social Media Management Pricing

Social Media Management PricingOur social media management pricing starts at $1,000/month. Contact us to tell us about your ideas and we can create a plan that meets your needs. We design custom social media packages that work with your business goals.

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What's Included In Your Standard Social Media Management Pricing?

Digital Shift will help you by taking away the responsibility of creating a social post with a high-quality image and sharing it across at social media networking. The channels are selected based on where your ideal customers spend their time online.

Digital Shift will also provide insight by sharing complimentary, but non-competitive information with your audience to ensure that we are in-line with social media best practices. This avoids shameless self-promotion that social networks frown upon.

What is The Investment to Have Social Media?

This depends on your goals and service needs. We first need to understand where your ideal customers are spending time online and your marketing goals. This critical step ensures that your money and efforts are optimized for your marketing plan.

Not Sure What Network Your Audience Is Using?

Tell us about your project and ideas and we can provide valuable insight. Get started with a complimentary consultation.

My Audience Is On Pinterest, How Can You Help?

The Digital Shift Social Media Marketing Team will post relevant that your audience will find interesting along with high-quality images to your Pinterest account once per day. Our team will post five days per week, on a variety of boards.The Digital Shift Social Media Marketing Team will also reply to comments and content shares from your followers as well as favouriting other users’ images to help build a community around your brand. This service starts at 1,000 per month or can be added on to our social media package.

My Audience Is On Instagram, How Can You Help?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, which allows both search queries and interest-based targeting. The Digital Shift Social Media Marketing Team will help you take advantage of this strong trend. Our team will post relevant content with high-quality images to your Instagram account.

We will post once per day, 7 days per week. This service starts at 1,000 per month or can be added on to our social media package.

My Audience Is On Facebook, How Can You Help?

Are you ready to supercharge your Facebook community! Increase interaction with contests and promotion! The Digital Shift Social Media Marketing Team will run a contest or giveaway for you on Facebook from month-to-month. This service includes Facebook promotion tab design, installation, and promotional content creation on your social networks. Our program aims to drive prospective customers to the promotion, contest administration, and end of promotion reporting, including entrant list. This service starts at 500 per month or can be added on to our social media package.

Do You Publish Content To Facebook Groups?

We'll publish one new article, 7 days a week into a Facebook group of your choosing. This is an add-on service to the Facebook posting service and starts at 150 per month in addition to your ongoing services.

I heard that Social Re-Targeting (Remarketing) Is Powerful Do You Do This?

Yes. We do this every day across all the popular platforms to help you maximize new sales while ensures that this is done at the best price. Contact the Digital Shift Social Media Marketing Team and tell us about your social media marketing plan and we will provide the creative and technical service to make it happen for you!
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