Social Media Marketing

The Future of Social Media Marketing Strategy

In 2017, Social Media will be used to capture the attention of people more quickly and effectively than before through machine learning and artificial intelligence. Social media marketing has always been thought of as the art and science of gaining website traffic, and ultimately, the attention of your ideal customers through social networking websites. These networks allow two-way communication between the prospective customers and the business. Social networking websites allow building connections through instant feedback, communication, and content sharing. But, what if the future utilizes Social Media Marketingartificial intelligence to:

  1. Place the best creative and copy after automated testing;
  2. Optimize posting based on supply and demand, and;
  3. Segmentation of data and consistent data mining for patterns.

With the advancement of technology, social media experts need to keep a close eye on what's coming, because platforms could automatically optimize and segment post to target ideal customers. Social media marketing strategy has always been centered around creating valuable content that attracts the attention of your audience encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Some of the aforementioned technology is already available today. Platforms such as Edgar and Adespresso have already provided significant value to the social media marketing industry, and marketers and consumers want more!

What will Social Media Marketers do to Add Value?

The role of the social media marketer is most likely to evolve over the next five years. From action orientated "doer" to technical advisor. As online advertising platforms make it easier for consumers to "do-it-themselves" the marketing partners are likely to see a change in their roles to earn profits. Similar trends can be traced back to the accounting software industry that started off "far" from the customer and required the accountant to sell and promote software. Nowadays the software is readily available and sold on the shelves of big box stores and online. The role of the accountant has transformed to more value-adding instead of administrative. Platform and software providers are getting closer to the customer ultimately translates to providing more value to the client by ensuring their hard earned dollars are being spent wisely for what matters most.

Social Media Marketing Intelligence

Facebook is the longest standing and now most advances social media network for advertisers because it has the most data about psychographic and demographics data it's no surprise that businesses like Adespresso have been built around automated marketing intelligence using their platform. Digital marketing is the future of marketing of where businesses need to be to allow users to communication. It's no longer a one-sided conversation that is being pushed onto the target audience. Digital marketing allows for a two-sided communication model through social networks that users grow to like and trust. Getting immediate feedback and direct communication will continue to improve shortly, but so will machine learning marketing automation. Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news about social media marketing and digital marketing technology.

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