Linkedin Training

The Digital Shift Linkedin Training Program

For a Linkedin training program to be effective, we need to understand two things: 1) who your ideal customer is, and what you are doing to fulfill their needs. The Digital Shift team can help you best understand these objectives through our process:

  • Advertising on Linkedin & Linkedin Training Get Started Today - To be extremely useful with our Linkedin lessons, it's important that you first understand all the features that LinkedIn has to offer.
  • Building a strong foundation - Before you can start executing the advanced strategies in Linked University, you’ll need to have your foundation in place.
  • Linkedin Connect - Learn how to utilize LinkedIn to find and connect with your target audience and build your network of first-degree connections.
  • Linkedin Proactive - Take your Linkedin campaign to the next level by installing highly efficient systems that generate leads and proactively promote your business.
  • Group Strategies - Learn the best strategies to leverage LinkedIn group memberships and how to start, manage and grow your own branded LinkedIn group.
  • Maximize Respons - Take the success of your business into your own hands by engaging with your prospects in a highly effective way that gets results.Create Awareness.
  • Create Awareness - Take the steps to help your business stand out, get noticed and be remembered on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Training starts at a one-time investment of $2,000. The training is completely customized to your business needs and objectives on LinkedIn. We will research and help you engage with groups, create a strategy, and help you engage with your ideal customers on LinkedIn.

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