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Digital Shift is a social media management company that aims to educate and provide effective social media management for small businesses. With so many social media marketing platform being so popular, it's tempting for small businesses to jump onto any channel to start advertising. However, just like with any digital marketing strategy, you must be smart about your choices. It's easy to get lost in the sea of advertisements that go unnoticed by users. The best piece of advice we recommend to small businesses is to know which channel your target audience is most active on. For example, if your service or product targets a younger audience, it's likely you will be on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. A common strategy for all businesses is to increase brand awareness on Facebook as it's a guarantee that you'll find an audience no matter who you're targetingsocial media management company.

Social media can get tedious, and it does take considerable effort and time. A social media marketing firm will take the time to discover where your audience is and educate small businesses accordingly. They will also organize and schedule your content to be delivered at the best time of day that will get the most reads, opens, etc. Nowadays there are so many tools to help you plan and schedule your content so you won't be spending as much time as you would be. Tools such as HootSuite allows you to post to multiple channels at once. It's also likely that your social media management company are using the latest tools to help your business grow.

The Best Of Social Media

Being a social media marketing company, we know how important it is to deliver tangible results to clients. A common mistake by small businesses is forgetting to measure their results. This mistake will lead to doubts of whether your social media tactics are working or not. Digital Shift provides accurate data to all of our clients to ensure that they are seeing the results they want to see. We also identify problems and other concerns that you may have and change your social media management strategy accordingly. To give you a better idea of how social media will help your business, we outlined five specific points small businesses should be aware of.

  • Increased Traffic
  • Insight Into The Marketplace
  • Reduced Marketing Expenses
  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Improved Sales

The most effective characteristic of social media is driving traffic to your website. All social media platforms are rented land and rules can change at any time. To prevent frustration, we recommend using social media as a lead to your website, a place where you have full control. By measuring clicks on your ad and time on your landing page or website will be an effective insight to how your advertisements are performing. Being active on social media also provides you great insight into your industry. Look at what other competitors are doing and see how you can incorporate their success into your campaigns. In addition, you will be aware of consumer behavior and be informed on hot and falling trends in your industry.

With the digital landscape continuously changing and evolving, there are more and more tools available that allow you to compete with the big leagues. HootSuite allows you to post to multiple channels at once and includes an image to complement your written content. By being in the social world, your reach has increased significantly. This does not mean that you will never have to spend a dime on social media. But it allows you easy and free entry into the online world.

Social media marketing firms know that social media is closely tied to your rankings on SEO. In essence, anything that you do online and offline will help your SEO efforts. And social media is just another means to boost your ranking. Small businesses that do not measure their social media efforts will fail to see the impact of channels on their business. So, even if there is an increase in traffic to your website by the advertisements you are putting out, having no data may cause you to lose motivation.

Platforms To Use?

A credible social media management company will guide their clients to the appropriate channels and encourage to start with one or two before expanding. Great advertisements on social media is not a fast feat that anyone can achieve in a short amount of time. Platforms such as Facebook take into account factors such as bids, quality, etc. to determine which ads will be displayed. Therefore, by specializing on one or two platforms, your time will be allocated to ensure your ads are effective and appropriate. Here are some of the most common media management company

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Digital Shift examines what platforms your small business can really benefit from and why. For example, if your business is a salon, we would recommend using visually appealing channels such as Instagram or Pinterest to guide users to your website. If your business has products geared toward women, Pinterest is a platform that you should consider. Popular categories on Pinterest include DIYs, exercise, beauty, photography, and much more. Instagram is also a visual platform that has more than 400 million active users. Many of these users post about food, art, travel, and fashion. To succeed in Pinterest and Instagram, a social media management company takes into account having an individual who has a keen eye for detail and photography skills.

Facebook is the largest social media network out there. Therefore, it is often that businesses of all types would flock to it as a starting point. It's a great platform for any kind of content. However, getting your advertisements displayed are slightly trickier. A social media management company in charge of your Facebook business account should be well-versed in the field to combat the many, many advertisements Facebook gets a day. Twitter is another channel where its user base is large enough that your business is likely to find a solid number of followers. By retweeting and sharing other content, your content has the potential to go viral. Lastly, LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect with each other. So, by advertising on LinkedIn, it's likely you'll network with other individuals in your industry and obtain business partners.

Just because a platform is incredibly popular, Digital Shift never jumps onto the bandwagon. We carefully plan your social media marketing strategy so that it succeeds even in smaller platforms as long as your target audience is present. By acting as a helpful agent, we will inform you on where your business can be the most successful and why.

Why Choose Digital Shift?

Having acted as a social media marketing agency for a lot of our clients, our team has the knowledge and expertise in getting you followers on respective channels. We understand the importance of pairing written content with an appealing image to get more click throughs on your ads. In addition, we understand the fundamentals of how Facebook judges advertisements and know how to get your ads onto their system. It's not just about the bid but how your ads appeal to your target audience. Social media can be an effective addition to a small business's marketing strategy. It involves having individuals who can communicate well with your audience and address negative comments. Contact us today to get started with a professional social media management company!

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