How Our Support System Works

digital shift marketing SupportDigital Shift’s support system is in place to protect your organization and your data. To ensure we are helping the right person, we must ensure that requests are made from previously verified email accounts from authorized persons. The extra verification step means that we are always helping you or an authorized person access your information and account data. Our process also ensures that information can be provided to us to review any issues before contacting you. This ensures that we use your time more effectively.

Support Via Email

Support tickets are opened and can be replied to directly from your email address.

  • To open a ticket: from your email address email the support index and a ticket will be opened as long as you are authorized to make requests in your organization.
  • To reply to a support ticket: you can simply reply to the email that you received. This will ensure that the information is tracked and updated in our system.

Please note: Ensure you have added to your contacts within your email account. If you are unable to find the latest support ticket, please check your spam folder in case your email provider accidentally misclassified it.

Support Via Our Support System

Access our support portal allows you to view all current and past support tickets and to review invoices as well as update credit card details. Our system is compliant with security and technology standards for online payment processing.

  • Online support portal: you can access the support portal from your email: to reset your password visit the login screen and enter the email address that you used to create your account. An automatic password reset email will be sent to your email address when you make a password reset request.

Client’s can also request to have a secure electronic contract sent directly to them from our service provider CudaSign. If you have any questions or if you require additional information, please contact us.

Common Support Questions

Booking a Meeting: You can schedule a meeting via

Support Response Times: Your response time will depend on your service package with us as well as the number of support tickets that are pending and being worked on.

Spam Filters: Sometimes our spam filters can catch your requests. This rarely happens and you will receive a notification if an attachment is not accepted due to size or file format. Sending or forwarding email from third parties with a large image to content ratio can also be caught by our spam filters. Excessively sending emails to our system can also cause our system to treat it as spam. This rarely happens, but we like to be 100% transparent with our customers.

Accessing The Support Portal: Sometimes software, hardware, network setups and internet service providers (ISPs) can create network issues, which may not allow you to access the support portal. If you experience issues with accessing the portal please contact your network administrator or internet service provider.