New Client Onboarding Process

Client Onboarding Process

Step 1: Onboarding Meeting

During the first meeting, we become familiar with your business, industry, and competitors. This step also allows us to learn more about your products/services and most importantly understand what your expectations are.

Step 2: Onboarding Setup

Our goal is to establish and maintain open lines of communication at all times, but especially during the setup process. We will work with you and provide frequent updates to ensure we are on track and on schedule.

Step 3: Review

Once we are all setup, we will have another meeting to ensure the process met your expectations. Digital Shift will set a meeting for a comprehensive review and plan the next steps with you.

Additional Information by Category

The information below will be discussed during the first meeting. We are only including it here for clients who like to get a head start. Please be certain that you have admin access to the accounts. New accounts can also be created, but we want to ensure that the client is always the owner of the account and the data.

Advertising Platform

Advertising platforms have unique account numbers/customer IDs. Permission to manage the accounts can be granted/requested.

  • Google AdWords - Access can be granted to Digital Shift by providing your Google AdWords customer ID number (###-###-###). This can be accessed by login into your AdWords account. Providing your Google AdWords Customer ID will allow us to request to link to your account so that we can manage it.
  • Facebook Ads - Access to Facebook Ads to manage your Facebook social ads. Your Facebook Ads Account number will be required to link to Digital Shift's advertising account. Here is a blog post to help you set up a business manager account:

Google Access

Access to business website settings, location setup, and analytics are crucial for any digital marketing efforts. Access to the accounts below allow us to setup your online marketing and run it better!

  • Google Analytics  - Access to Google Analytics will allow the Digital Shift team to integrate AdWords and to start creating trackable customer lists and to access analytics and other settings.
  • Google My Business -  For Local optimization the Digital Shift team will not only optimize the profile but also link it to your Adwords account.
  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) - For search query data and access to the website information related to search engine optimization.

Social Media

Digital Shift recommends that (at least) the following account access is setup and ready to be assigned as soon as possible.

  • Linkedin - Access to Linkedin Company Page. Follow these steps to add an administrator to your company page.
  • Twitter - Username/Password for Twitter for review of followers and analytics.
  • Facebook - Access to Facebook Business Page can be granted through the Business Facebook Managed.

Advertising Readiness Check List

It is important to ensure that data is being collected properly, such as interest and conversion tracking, so that we can get you the best results. Administrative access to the website will allow our team to check the following:

  • Google Analytics Tracking Code is added to the website
  • AdWords tracking tag
  • Website is claimed with webmaster tools
  • Facebook Pixel code is added to website
  • A Landing Page template is created (i.e. a layout that includes a limited menu and a link to the privacy policy in the footer)

The information above is a sample of what will be discussed in the first meeting. Depending on your needs we may discuss different or more specific topics. As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you require additional information.

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