Landing Page Options

Subdomain vs Subdirectory vs Microsite Landing Page Options

When working with a PPC management company, you have several landing page setup options:

  1.  to create a separate microsite/landing page such as a subdomain (;
  2.  to have the landing page part of your website as a subdirectory/page such as, or;
  3. to set up a microsite on an entirely separate domain (least recommended option).

Either way, the Digital Shift® team will need to be in touch with your domain name server manager.  The domain name server manager is most likely you, but it can also be your web/hosting company that is managing your website or domain. The login that you are looking for is associated with where you purchased your domain name. If at any time you require assistance, contact us or email

Option 1: Subdomain Landing Page

The domain name servers require an update with this options. After that, we can take care of the rest. Option 1 means we create the landing page and manage it for you. The benefit of this option is that we can manage it for you and can setup it up and make changes quickly, however, the landing page analytics are sperate from your primary domain. We recommend this services for franchises and larger multi-location business. This service is offered at 149/month per location.

Option 2: Subdirectory/Page Landing Page

This is the most common option. Digital Shift®  acts as your landing page advisor to ensure that it's done right. When working with a third-party, Digital Shift® works through you or on behalf. As always, we provide guidance and assistance to get your landing page looking good and conversation optimized. We will also make suggestions as the campaign goes on as per your package.

Landing Page Checklist

  1. Customized template with logo in header, phone number, and address, but regular menu removed
  2. Clickable logo (with a new page that opens to actual homepage when clicked)
  3. Footer Navigation (contact us, privacy policy, faq, home)
  4. Detailed headline with no extraordinary claims
  5. Visual representation of what they are getting (happy customers experience the service)
  6. Disclaimer for major claims (if using it)
  7. Detailed opt-in expectations
  8. Privacy policy near all option buttons
  9. Clearly defined immediate actions
  10. Credibility boosting logo (i.e. association, certifications, partners)
  11. Image of lead-magnet, ebook, coupon  (people buy images of products)
  12. Easy to identify call to action at the top of page (primary) and bottom of page (secondary)


  • Reach out to see some examples.

Please note that we will provide you with the code for the upper and lower opt-in mentioned in point 12. We automatically integrate the opt-in to your email automation platform and track Google analytics.

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