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Need Video Marketing Services?

More businesses are requesting video marketing services. But why? Despite video marketing becoming increasingly popular, businesses have realized its powerful reach. However, you only have roughly a minute to deliver a compelling message to your viewers. Recently, Digital Shift has branched into video marketing, knowing how powerful of a marketing tool it is.

As such, Digital Shift Marketing Videos are easy to buy, easy to send, easy to forward. Video Marketing is the perfect solution for getting and keeping your audience’s attention. These gems are so appealing that they are sure to be shared between clients, friends, and colleagues. Video Marketing from Digital Shift is the state of the art way to do it with style and not break the bank. Check out our digital marketing promotional video below!

With so many tools nowadays, anyone can get started with video marketing. However, regardless of how easy a tool makes it sound, it does involve a significant amount of time and effort and can take up to many hours or days of getting the great video you want, even more so when you have raw footage. With Digital Shift branching into video marketing, we dedicate our time and effort to our customers who require video marketing services. By creating a video to enhance your content on web pages, your home page, landing pages, and much more, you can capture more people who may be simply not interested in the other content you have to offer.

Videos can be as long or short as you like. For promotional purposes, we recommend in keeping a video thirty seconds to a minute max. Other video marketing ideas will depend on what you want to achieve in your video. We have outlined the importance of video marketing and what to consider when doing video. Like any other online technique, when done wrong or poorly, video marketing can have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

Why Online Video Marketing?

People Prefer Video

The internet is the most powerful marketing medium because it reaches out to millions of people at any anytime, 24/7. The better you look and the more visible you are, the better you will be able to compete in this challenging economic market. Video marketing allows people to become aware of you, and your brand!Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? It solely consists of video assets. YouTube also functions similar to Google as in looks at keywords searchers are putting in to give them better results. When people like your video, it also gives it that boost for others to better find your content.

Digital Shift can help target your ideal customers and re-target existing ones using video. Videos are everywhere! All the popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have also implemented video as a form of content, as well as an advertising option. Videos are also perfect for web pages, email campaigns, and advertising links.

High Quality without Studio Prices

Video Marketing doesn't have to break the bank anymore. Technology, resources, and assets allow Digital Shift Marketing Videos to be affordable! Our prolific master producers have captured the essence of over 300 hundred subjects over a wide range of industries, holidays and messages, which have been artistically developed for your multi-media communication needs. We ensure that your videos are always high quality and produced within your budget.

Things To Consider When Doing Video

video marketing servicesIt's exciting to be starting your first video. But beginners often get too caught up in the excitement and forget where and how they are going to produce their first video project. As with any new marketing strategy, you must know where you are going with video. It's fun to create and see where it goes. But it's best to put the time to good use. Here are five things to consider if you plan on using video.

What's Your Goal?

Your video marketing strategy should be correlated with your business goals. Are you looking to build brand awareness? Are you advertising a service? Or, are you educating your customers about something? Some companies have taken video to advertise their company morals and values to attract hot talent to their agency. Depending on what you're trying to achieve with your video, it will be different. If you're starting to find that you have a bunch of videos made, try creating a video series. By grouping similar types of videos together, it will be organized in a fashion that's easy for you and your customers to find.

Do You Need A Script?

Depending on what our goal is, you may or may not need a script. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video maker, it's important to consider making a script. It helps prevent stutters and silences in your video when you're stuck. It also saves you time by preventing you going back and re-recording once you've figured out what you want to say. By making a script, it also helps to see your creative thought processes on paper or a document to ensure that you are achieving your goal at the end. Experienced video creators often improv which can make your video much more entertaining and give you a good boost of confidence. As you improve, you may find you're needing a script less and less and instead turn to making simple notes or reminders. However, before then, making a script is something to keep in mind.

What Kind Of Video?

If you're looking to educate your customers, perhaps a powerpoint video would be more beneficial. Talking head videos are usually the most common and are the easiest to make. A great way to study what kind of videos you can create is to take a look at your competitors and see how they are leveraging videos. Company videos are also a creative way to show the greatness of your business such as behind the scenes or promotional events your company hosts. The kinds of videos you can create are endless; there is no one method for success in any kind of video creation. Again, it all depends on what you want to achieve. Listen to what your customers are saying on social media such as feedback or suggestions. Always be experimenting to see what works best for your audience. However, never forget to make your video easy to share.

Do You Have The Right Tools?video marketing services

Some businesses believe that video is too costly. And sometimes, it is. But nowadays, there are many online video tools to help you. If you plan on using real footage, start by investing in a digital camera, tripod, and a microphone - the basics that every video marketer should have. This, of course,  should be a one-time expense for a long time. If you decide to upgrade in the future once your videos are getting popular, you'll have a better idea of what brand to get.

Where's Your Right Hosting Space?

A lot of businesses like to host their videos on their websites. That way, you get to reap in SEO rewards. If you add transcripts, this will also boost your SEO ranking. If your business is active on any social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, Digital Shift will ensure that your video is within their time limit restriction without sacrificing quality. However, the most popular and most effective videos are also uploaded onto YouTube.

How Are We Able To Make This Impact?

Digital Shift is able to offer you the best in High-Quality Video that is available to all businesses. We have created a new set of options for people to communicate their message.We create short and sweet video messages that can engage your target audience in under 40 seconds. Your videos will become the star attraction in your online marketing campaigns. Our teams can and has developed cutting-edge software tools, but our real goal is to make these options accessible and affordable to the widest possible audience. Start showing your creative side by implementing video marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy! Contact us to Get Your Impact Video Today!

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