Digital Shift Website

Welcome to The Digital Shift Website

The Digital Shift website has been up and running since January 2007. It was started by Matt Miciula and Brett Dooley from Kitchener, Ontario. Matt and Brett are the co-founders of Digital Shift. Digital Shift Corporation was formally registered as a business in August of 2007. Digital Shift is a trademark of Digital Shift Corporation and stands for transparency and professional work.

The Future of Digital Shift

The Digital Shift website is continuously growing and adapting to current trends and user needs. It is completely mobile responsive to ensure that it is easy-to-use for any prospective customer. The Digital Shift website is not only optimized for mobile, but it is also enriched with valuable content for the user. The user experience is the most important factor of the digital shift website. Design style and usability all matter to our team. Digital Shift also takes data very seriously! It helps us make the best possible decisions to make changes to our website based on the changes in search queries and technology.

Thanks for visiting The Digital Shift Website!

digital shift website

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