What to do Before Updating WordPress

Is there a new WordPress update? Are you wondering if you should update it? Of course, you should! It is very important to keep WordPress up-to-date to for security and efficiency purposes, but before you do, here's what should be done before updating WordPress.

What to do Before Updating WordPress:

  1. Create A Backup of Site
    • Although WordPress's updating system is reliable, it is always recommended to have a recent backup created before changing anything on WordPress.
  2. Check if Your Themes and Plugins are ready for this update
    • It is important to check if your themes and plugins have a version ready for the WordPress update.
    • Update your Themes and Plugins before updating WordPress
    • disabling the plugins before updating is also recommend
  3. Backup WordPress
    • To play it safe, backup WordPress itself by using CPanel.
    • For instructions on updating WordPress using CPanel, follow this guide.
  4. Turn off Caching
    • Turning off Caching to ensure you are not caching pages during the update

Once the backups are completed, update WordPress by either clicking the install banner or by navigating to the updates area on the dashboard. Then simply click on the "Update Now" button. WordPress will then update to the newest version.

Once WordPress has updated, re-enable all previously disabled plugins and ensure they work. If they don't, you may need to wait for them to be upgraded.

That's it! Now you know what to do before updating WordPress! WordPress has been updated, and all safety precautions have been practiced! If anything goes wrong during the installation, you need to reload your backup.

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