E-Commerce Website Design Solutions

Get great web design with an awesome online store!

More and more today, people want the flexibility of getting products sent right to their door. More businesses are developing online or e-commerce stores to better accommodate the needs of their customers. It does not matter what you are trying to sell online, Digital Shift can help you do that in an effective way! We not only want to make your online store user-friendly, but we want to make it easy for you to integrate it with the rest of your business.

Major Benefits of Digital Shift's E-commerce stores

Same Web Design benefits, but with E-commerce

E-commerce Web DesignThe same benefits that we offer with purchasing a website from us, still exists with purchasing an e-commerce website. Digital Shift will develop a flexible and customized website for your business. Your business is unique - so you need an unique website to sell your products online.

When you purchase an e-commerce website from us, we still take on all the risk for creating a website for you, Digital Shift understands that as a business it is important to maintain your cash flow at a good level. By having the monthly payment options, it gives you a less expensive opportunity to purchase a website, while leaving extra money in your pockets to invest in other areas of your business.

Easy to use Back-end

E-commerce Easy Back-endDigital Shift understands you want full control of your business! We make that happen in two ways:

  1. Digital Shift ensures that the back-end technology is easy to understand for you. Often the technology is as easy as 'drag-and-drop' to make the experience easy for you and customized for your customers.
  2. Digital Shift gives you the proper training to be able to use your E-commerce site the way that you intended to use it. We will train you on how to use features from adding new products, to retrieving business reports on what you have sold.

Tracking and ReportingE-commerce Tracking and Reporting

As a business, it is important to be able to track your sales and costs. We give you the ability to customize your business reports on the back end. This process is quick and easy! If you need the system to integrate with your current ERP system, we can customize a process to make that happen for your business.

For more details on the types of reports that you can get with this feature check out our blog about the standard e-commerce reports.

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