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Digital Shift is an affordable local SEO service company tailored. We offer local SEO for small business and medium-sized businesses along with SEO tips for small business that help boost ranking on popular search engines such as Google. By creating a local SEO strategy that best fits your online advertising needs, you will understand the basics of SEO and what you currently need or what you may need in the future.E

As our focus is strictly on customer satisfaction, our packages are risk-free and are not contract bound. Depending on your SEO needs, you are free to cancel or upgrade your local SEO service plan at any given time. Confused on how or where to start? Call us for a free consultation on your current SEO efforts. Digital Shift wants to see you succeed. We identify your current marketing needs to achieve quality results in a timely manner.

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FAQ To Our Local SEO Services

You may already have initial questions regarding our local SEO services. Below are the common questions and answers that are asked by prospective clients. If you have any additional questions or need additional information, please contact us.

How Do We Optimize Your Local Business Listing?edmonton local seo

Your business will be optimized in a local listing using these specific factors.

  1. Primary Aggregators
  2. Top Directories
  3. Industry Specific Websites
  4. City Specific Websites
  5. Other Important Citations

Depending on which plan you pick, your business can be optimized with a combination of a variety of different ways.

Already Have Some Listing, But They Are Not Exactly the Same

What about Ave vs. Avenue? Well, the good news is that Google normalizes the data. However, it is still important to keep any information regarding your business consistent across the board to avoid any confusion. When we enter your business information we ensure that we enter each entry using the same name, address, phone number, website, and email. Consistency is a key factor we pay close attention to.

How Should I Enter Phone Numbers?

Phone numbers are recommended not to be entered using dots because it looks like an IP address. However, the format of the number is okay with dashes and brackets. Area code can be in brackets. Adding the country code to the phone number will make it easier for mobile users to call your business directly by clicking on the phone number.

Should I Use Call Tracking?

Don't use call tracking on ads or Google Adwords. If you need to use it on your website, have it setup correctly by either listing the number as an image with the real number in the alternative text to describe the image or have it coded in as a phone number replacement.

How Can You Rank In A City You Aren't Located In?

edmonton local seoThe best way to rank outside of your local area is through Organic Search Results. Ranking organically on search engines means curating quality content about your products or services. This content can be in the form of images, written word, videos, and much more that can be posted on your website for indexing. For a business looking to expand outside their local area, you need more than a local SEO service that strictly helps you in gaining a competitive edge over your competitors in your local area.

To start getting ranking for a city you aren't in, you are looking at things such as PPC campaigns, social media advertising, and much more. Depending on what you want to accomplish and your budget, you will not need to look into every single service. Digital Shift puts your budget and your goals at the heart of our free consultation.

Do I Need A Google Account To Leave A Review?

Yes. However, Google prefers to see a review history for account users. In other words, the account user has left reviews for past companies in the past. While it is great to be getting positive reviews on your product or service, a customer creating a Google+ account only to leave you such a review runs the risk of getting filtered out. If active customers are leaving positive reviews, that would be the most beneficial on your part.

What Separates A Good Local Directory From A Bad One?

Good local directories have quality and relevant content that are usually in the form of reviews and forums. If you see a directory with lots of quality reviews, it is a strong indicator that this directory is being accessed by individuals who are strongly interested in products or services within your industry and are likely ready to buy.local seo service In addition, ratings are also a good indicator on how well the directory is performing.

A significant amount of ratings means that enough people are using, browsing, or accessing the directory. As such, registering your business in this type of directory is a good idea. For example, Yelp ranks well because of the many reviews and uploaded pictures from users.

For all of our clients, Digital Shift gathers hundreds of local directories that are relevant to their industry. By thoroughly filtering these websites, we then register their business in quality directories that will gain them the most business.

As we pay close attention to consistency, we ensure that information regarding your business is consistent across all directories we register them in. Before we begin to register, Digital Shift will make sure to run your business information with you. Registering your business in a local directory is an important part of our local SEO service plan.

Do You Create A Landing Page For Every City and Service?

landing-pages-edmonton-alberta-canadaYes. Just like having a separate landing page for the type of service or product you are selling, having a separate landing page for each location is valuable. A landing page that is tailored to a specific location will be received better with the visitor. For example, having landing pages for each of your office locations can include local testimonials and reference to a location that local visitors are familiar with. Localized and goal specific landing pages generate the best click-through rates and get a higher rate of return on investment. Curating landing pages tailored for a specific city and service is a part of what we do and is included in our local SEO service plan.

Want More Information?

local SEO optimizationDon't see your question listed above? SEO can be a tricky concept to grasp and understand, especially when you're a new business. SEO is a strategy that brings your business to the table to have a strong online presence. There are many components and sub-strategies involved to help you achieve this. Keep in mind that there is no strict SEO strategy that will bring you success, nor is there one that brings immediate results. The latter is an important characteristic of SEO to understand.

Even with local SEO services, SEO is never an immediate success. It takes time, effort, and experimentation to see great results. There are guidelines, tips, and tricks that digital marketing companies, freelancers, and even you to turn to. But at the end of the day, local SEO services and national SEO is all about experimentation after doing helpful research such as knowing what keywords to rank for.

As Digital Shift is a local SEO service company, we want to give you the helpful resources to better understand local SEO services and how they work. With our era already being one of new technology, nowadays, great SEO can be considered a business's lifeline. To get a better understanding of how a local SEO service can help your business, we have created a page summarizing all the benefits of local SEO. Knowing what the benefits of a local SEO service, we have provided a Local SEO Case Study that shows a business ranking higher and higher with our strategies.

How should you weigh ranking factors? Depending on what your marketing goal is, Digital Shift has found an informative article that discusses the issue of factors that go into Local SEO ranking factors for branded queries. Lastly, can you get started on SEO yourself? Yes! You do not have to invest in an Edmonton Local SEO company to help you. Digital Shift has Actionable SEO Techniques that will give you a boost in starting great SEO for your business.

Other Local SEO Resources

local seo strategyIf you are looking for more local SEO Edmonton resources, Digital Shift is here to provide you with two recommended articles that strongly correlate with questions of prospective clients. The article highlighting the 5 Things Most People Forget About Local SEO prevents you from common mistakes that people make with local search engine optimization.  This in-depth guide will get you started and clarify perplexing elements associated with SEO.

Another common mistake people often make are misconceptions of local and international SEO. There is a difference and this difference is helpful in determining what you want to invest in. In short, a local SEO service helps you to find customers in your city or area. It helps capture those people on the move. International, national, or Organic SEO is if you're looking to get traffic or customers outside of your city. It doesn't help capture those people on-the-go and is ideal for e-commerce websites. As local search results are changing more rapidly than any other, learn about how Local SEO Ranks Your Local Business.

Ready To Get Started?

Digital Shift conducts a free consultation on your current local SEO service efforts to see how you can improve and succeed even more. If you are in need of a local SEO optimization service or have any questions on any of our services, we will answer all of your questions and how our local SEO services can help you achieve what you want to achieve. We never push clients to advertise on a platform that their target audience is not on.

Digital Shift has no long-term contracts and no hidden start-up fees. If you are not satisfied with your results or service, you are free to cancel your plan. Also, if you find that your business has expanded or looking for more services to help your marketing efforts, we will guide and advise you to the service that best fits your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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