Local SEO Pricing For Your Business

Local Optimization for Your Business

{"@context":"https:\/\/schema.org","@type":"Review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Thing","name":"Internet Marketing Service","image":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/digitalshiftmedia.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/free-seo-sheat-sheet-team-lp-bg.jpg","width":1600,"height":1067}},"reviewRating":{"@type":"Rating","ratingValue":"4.5"},"description":"Local SEO Pricing Made Easy\r\nMonthly Local SEO Pricing to give your business a boost includes Local SEO citation building, local optimization, directory reporting, and directory maintenance. With Digital Shift's affordable SEO for Small Business services, you can boost your Local SEO and be found in your city! If you're tired of not being found on Google, or not showing up in local search results, you are in the right place! Contact us for a complimentary assessment and analysis. We can show you how we can help you with your Local SEO Strategy.\r\n\r\nLocal SEO599MonthlyGoogle Maps Visibility\r\r\r\r\r\r Start With a FREE AuditLocal SEO + Social1,199MonthlyGoogle Maps Visibility\rSocial Media Management\rNew Social Account Creation\rPost to Social Media Daily\r\r\r Start With a FREE AuditLocal SEO Pro1,899MonthlyGoogle Maps Visibility\rSocial Media Management\rNew Social Account Creation\rPost to Social Media Daily\rFacebook Ads Management\rData Aggregators\rNew Content Creation\rAuthority Link BuildingStart With a FREE Audit\r\nNeed More Than Local Search Engine Optimization?\r\nIf you are a growing business looking for a complete SEO solution, be sure to check out our fully-managed SEO solutions for business. If you have any questions about our Local SEO or SEO packages or need some additional assistance, feel free to contact Digital Shift or call 1-855-482-4242.\r\n\r\nComplete SEO Solution For Growing Businesses\r\nIncluded With All Local SEO Plans\r\nThe following features are included and delivered monthly in all of our local SEO plans:\r\n\r\n \tMonthly Rankings Reports\r\n \tNew Top Directories Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tNew Structured Citations\r\n \tNew Unstructured Citations\r\n \tTwitter Page Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tFacebook Page\u00a0Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tLinkedIn Page\u00a0Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tGoogle+ Local\u00a0Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tYahoo Local\u00a0Creation\/Optimization\r\n \tBing Places\u00a0Creation\/Optimization\r\n\r\nSearch Engine Optimization for Local Business Q&A\r\nHow Much Does Local SEO Cost?\r\nLocal SEO pricing ranges from a few hundred to thousands per month per location. Monthly Local SEO pricing varies based on additional options such as content creation and updates. The additional options help enhance location citations, especially for more competitive industries.\r\nWhat's included with local SEO services?\r\nLocal SEO services include monthly citation creation. Additional content and update services are available to enhance your search engine visibility. A monthly report is also included with all plans. Your monthly report will provide valuable insight including your ranking progress, detailed summary, social media activity, competitive web changes, and more.\r\n\r\nWhat do I need before I get started?\r\nIf you are considering local search engine optimization you should already have a business website (or are having one built) and business address. Digital Shift will confirm your business name, physical address, phone number, contact email, and business website in addition to the requirements of your project.\r\nWhat top directories do you submit to?\r\nThe top directories that we choose can depend on your geographic location and industry. Our focus is on high authoritative sites with a high trust flow score.\r\nWhat is a citation?\r\nA citation is a reference to your business on the internet. Most commonly include business name, address, phone number, and website link.\r\nWhat is a structured citation?\r\nA reference to your business name, address, phone number, and link in a business directory listing websites such as yelp.ca, yellowpages.ca, and profile.ca.\r\nWhat is an unstructured citation?\r\nA reference to your business that is outside of the traditional directory\u00a0listing (structured citations)\u00a0found on blogs, \u00a0event listing websites, job websites, newspaper websites, knowledge base websites, government websites, etc.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWhat included in the monthly report?\r\nRank tracking and progress of the work that we do in a user-friendly format.\r\nHow much content creation is included?\r\nFirst step social include up to 500 words (1-2 pages), and Local SEO Pro includes up to 1,000 words (1-4 pages) of content creation each month.\r\nWhat if\u00a0I already have social media accounts?\r\nDigital Shift will optimize your existing accounts and create social covers for you. We will also keep them up-to-date by sharing the content we create to create social signals.\r\nWhat if\u00a0I already have local account?\r\nGoogle local and Bing local accounts are important for your business. Digital Shift will optimize your profiles with pictures, add covers, business hours, and keep them up-to-date with the content we create.\r\nHow many locations are included?\r\nEach package is valid for one business address. You can purchase the same package more than once for each location you have. If you have any questions, contact us.\r\n\r\n\r\n ","datePublished":"2015-06-01T23:33:18","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Brett"}}