How To Write Good Meta Descriptions

How To Write Meta Titles With The Most Value

Creating great content for any website requires a lot of considerations, the least of which is the meta description that readers in your audience will see when they find your webpage in online search results. After your meta title, the meta description is the second thing people will see when they find your content online. That’s why any local SEO company will tell you it’s important to ensure that your meta description accomplishes all its essential goals and convinces readers to click on your page rather than all the competing pages they can see.

But what makes one meta title better than another? That’s a question that can mean the difference between converting an online searcher into a visitor to your site or enabling them to find a different web page that more effectively draws their attention. Taking the time to confirm what a meta description should do, and how to make sure that it’s well-crafted, helps to ensure that the rest of your web content will be fully effective.

What Should A Meta Description Do?

A meta description is more than just a simple description of your website or web page. As one of the first impressions that your website will make, a meta description plays an important role in drawing more people—and therefore more web traffic—to your website. There are multiple ways that an effective meta description will draw people in, but the three most basic functions of a meta description are to summarize and describe your webpage, encourage readers to click through and help your webpage stand out from the other search engine results around it.

Summarize Your Content

Matching searcher intent is essential, and most online searchers are looking for an answer to their questions. Providing a clear description of your content is the first crucial function of a meta description. If a reader can clearly and quickly see that the type of content provided on your website matches what they are looking for, they will be more likely to visit your site. On the other hand, if your meta description is vague and fails to describe your page accurately, potential visitors may be more likely to move on.

Encourage Readers to Click Through

Your meta description isn’t just a sign advertising your website or webpage—it’s also a greeting that should invite visitors to view your content. That’s why paying attention to how your description is written is just as important as what’s written in it. Great information presented in a cold or off-putting way might push traffic, and potential conversions, toward competing websites.

Stand Out from the Competition

With the number of ads and the amount of other content that comes up on search engine results pages (SERPS), looking for the content you want to find can feel like looking for treasure at the beach. That means the descriptions that stand out the most will have a better chance of catching the attention of people searching online. A well-written, enticing and unique meta description is a major factor in standing out from all the competition that online searchers see.

How Do You Write A Good Meta Description?

Writing a meta description can be the snag that catches many people creating digital content, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The best way to write a high-quality, effective meta description is to remember the three functions above and create a simple, clear description that meets those criteria.

Of course, doing the actual writing is easier said than done. Fortunately, the content creators at Digital Shift Media are ready to help with a list of tips that will help you become a meta description master. The next time you hit a wall when you’re trying to write an interesting, unique description, take a look at the following tips to kick-start your creativity.

Be Concise And Precise

There are two important words you should remember any time you are writing, but especially when you are writing meta descriptions: concise and precise. Simply put, keep it simple and stick to the point. Meta descriptions are short, so there’s no need to pad them out. In fact, making them too long could have negative consequences for your website. Using effective, descriptive, clear language will help you ensure that your description provides clear value to readers while remaining an appropriate length.

Keep An Eye On Character Count

The character count of your meta description is one of the most important criteria to pay attention to, and it plays right into creating a concise summary of your content. Technically, the maximum length of a meta description goes up to 300 characters, but the ideal character length for a meta description is actually 160 or less. Having a meta description under 160 characters ensures that it won’t get cut off in search engine results, which could cut off the important message you are trying to convey.

Compare And Contrast

If you’re really struggling to think of the best way to write a meta description, take a look at the meta descriptions that others have written for web pages and content that is similar to your own. Try to create a description that reflects the important, repeated details that appear in other meta descriptions, but don’t create a carbon copy. In fact, creating a meta description that contrasts slightly with the existing descriptions of competing sites and pages is one way that you can help your own website stand out in search results.

Demonstrate Value

One of the most important things that you should think about when trying to write great meta descriptions is the value and purpose of your web page. If you can clearly and accurately express that value to those searching for your content or services online, then you’ll be more likely to attract those people to your website. Think about what your web page is trying to accomplish and how it connects with the intent of your target audience, then try to express that in your meta description.

Convince Readers To Click

The best meta descriptions are nothing if not convincing. Since the ultimate purpose of your meta description is to help guide your target audience toward your products, services or content, then one of the best ways to boost its effectiveness is to write it in a way that convinces readers to click through. The easiest way to accomplish that is by including some kind of call to action (CTA). Even simple CTA phrases like “learn more” can help guide readers forward and increase your click through rate (CTR).

Need More Help With Your Meta Descriptions?

A skilled, knowledgeable local SEO team like the experts at Digital Shift Media can provide all the information you need to upgrade your meta descriptions and many other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Contact Digital Shift today to learn more about how great meta descriptions, great content and a great roadmap for search engine optimization and digital marketing can increase your web traffic and help you reach your goals.

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