What Are Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS?

Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS are results that appear on web pages of search engines such as Google and Bing. These results come directly from the search queries entered intoSERPS each particular search engine. Each SERPS is different, regardless of if the search entered is the same or uses the same keywords. Search engines use factors such as the user’s social settings, physical location, browsing history to customize each results page to that particular user. Based on these factors, each SERPS will seem the same when the same search query is entered but will actually feature subtle differences.

Organic or Paid Traffic? Understanding SERPS

Organic Traffic in SERPS

Organic traffic is any search result that is not a paid advertisement. The results that appear in the listings have been indexed by the search engine using an algorithm and specific ranking factors. The process of search engine optimization is to optimize content and sites to result in a higher rank in organic search results. By understanding the ranking factors that perform well, SEO can provide better results in SERPS organically.

Paid Traffic in SERPS

The opposite of organic traffic is paid traffic in SERPS. Paid traffic is paid advertisements shown at the top of the SERPS. The advertiser can choose different forms of ads. These can be large text-based ads or image-based ads (shopping ads), depending on their specific needs. Large text-based ads can feature ad extensions. This allows potential viewers to click to specific pages on their website more pertinent to their query. Shopping ads offer features that allow a wide range of information to be displayed. This information can include the product, special offers, reviews by the user and product availability.

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