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Digital Shift is a Calgary SEO Company specializing in providing Local SEO services and Google My Business management services for businesses and franchises located in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas. Digital Shift uses data and search engine optimization to help generate leads and conversions for your business. Your company can count on our team to get search engine visibility using best practices and professional link building services. Check out our latest SEO case study, or contact us to learn more about how we can help your Calgary-based business.

How We Can Help Your Calgary Business

Digital Shift is a full-service Calgary digital marketing company that specializes in working with local services area businesses and business services. We offer more than your average Calgary SEO company through our customer-focused attitudes and professional service team with in-house graphics, landing page web design, search engine optimization, social media and paid advertising experts. If you're not getting the results you were promised, or expected, contact us for a complimentary analysis and to second marketing opinion. It's 100% FREE to you and there is no pressure or obligation.

Calgary SEO Service Area

Digital Shift specializes in providing data-driven SEO strategies for business services and home service businesses in Calgary, Alberta. Our team services all of Calgary including Arbour Lake, Signal Hill, Southwest Calgary, Southeast Calgary, Shanessy, Mckenzie Towne, and Northeast Calgary. Digital Shift also services the following surrounding areas: Airdrie, Balzac, Delacour, Conrich, Chestermere, Indus, De Winton, Priddis, Pirmez Creek, Bearspaw, Glenbow, and Cochrane. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation so that we can show you exactly how we can help. Contact us today.

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 Your Calgary Digital Marketing Services!

Digital Shift is Calgary Digital Marketing Company with services to cover all of your digital marketing needs. What is the importance of digital marketing and search engine optimization? Nowadays, it is close to impossible to leave without a mobile device.

Prospective customers are likely to expand their search online when looking to buy. As they begin their purchasing process, users will search and reply on social influence. With your target audience having access to an abundance of information about related products and services, they will be comparing prices and brands before making a decision. As such, this increases competition for businesses.

What Does Effective Digital Marketing Mean?

Effective digital marketing can be difficult to achieve. But by using appropriate tools, digital marketing can be made easier. A large component of digital marketing is social media. Social media is about facilitating and managing relationships with customers. Because it has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, businesses can really thrive. However, it must be used appropriately and effectively. By interacting with your audience through posts, advertisements, videos, etc, you can get your content noticed by the right people.calgary Digital Marketing

It is not only important to interact with prospective customers, but also to listen. Listening to suggestions, advice, concerns, or general comments can help your business grow. By interacting and listening to relevant users, this provides a great foundation for relationships to prosper.

Social media is also great for starting a conversation. A simple technique to get people talking about your brand is to ask what their favorite product is so far or what can be improved. A fun way to spice it up is to make it into a contest.

Keep in mind that digital marketing is not just about social media. By managing your performance through evaluation of real-time data, you can make better decisions faster. Digital marketing is an evaluation of all of your efforts you put online. By doing a daily check on how your marketing efforts are performing, you can know where you need to improve or what is working well.

Calgary SEO Management Services

Digital media will forever be an ever-growing source of information, commerce, social interactions, and news. The powerful influence of digital media has shown businesses how useful digital marketing can be. Your business will be always be impacted by what others say, online and offline. Whether your business has online reviews or is being recognized by word-of-mouth, your prospective customers are seeking advice from friends and others for advice. No matter how good your marketing efforts are, prospective customers will always be biased towards what their friends and peers are saying.

digital marketingSEO is not just about online interactions. It's also getting your website to achieve higher ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. As each search engine has their own algorithm for how they rank websites, it is important to keep your website optimized to beat out competition. Optimization includes valid and appropriate backlinks and great content.

Search engine optimization requires patience and effective strategy. Regardless of when you start doing effective SEO, you will not see immediate results. Great search engine optimization is an on-going effort that will continuously reap rewards. At Digital Shift, we advise you on your current SEO efforts and how you can improve to achieve, meet, and strive to surpass your digital marketing goals.

What Are Your Prospective Customers Looking For?

Businesses are usually thought of with a negative stigma. And while the ultimate goal of businesses is to earn revenue, it is important to build a solid relationship with your customers and promote a positive brand image. People are looking for businesses with the following qualities:calgary Digital Marketing

  • Trustworthiness
  • Familiarity
  • Relevant and personalized communication
  • Preferences and options that meet their needs

Doing business can be thought of as entering a relationship. Like in any good relationship, there must be trust between the parties to facilitate progress. When promoting your business, your target audience may not even be aware of what your products and/or services are. However, the more familiar they are with your brand, it increases the chance of conversion.

When your customer runs into a problem, can they get help? Will that help be easily accessible? With great communication, you will get a positive outlook on your business. Lastly, the relationship must be beneficial to both parties. Customers are paying you for your products and services to meet their needs. You are looking to provide a product or service in exchange for money.

Calgary PPC Services for Facebook and Google Ads

Digital Shift is not only about SEO management. PPC Management services (PPC) are just as important and effective as SEO. At Digital Shift, we have Google PPC experts to help your website be seen by the right audience. Our PPC Management services can be broken down into two separate categories depending on whether or not you already have an account.

If you want PPC management services for new accounts we offer:

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Dynamic Key Phrase Insertion
  • Landing Page creation and optimization
  • PPC Goal Setting
  • Dedicated Pay Per Click Management
  • Pay Per Click Services Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Copy Creation and Optimization
  • Display Network and Remarketing
  • Geo-Targeted Advertisements

If you already have an existing PPC account but you want us to manage it we offer:

  • Review of Historical Data and Spend
  • PPC Account Review
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • PPC Account Review
  • PPC Account Restructure
  • PPC Goal Setting
  • Pay Per Click Services Conversion Tracking
  • Dedicated Pay Per Click Management
  • Ad Copy Creation and Optimization
  • Display Network and Remarketing
  • Landing Page Optimization Suggestions
    • Your business may not need all of these aspects. However, it is beneficial for you to see how your business is performing in these areas to know how this affects your overall business. Digital Shift helps you achieve your digital marketing goals and how to go about your next steps. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Your Calgary Digital Marketing Partners!

As a seasoned Calgary Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Shift can help your business be seen and get
connected! Contact us to learn how you can start doing the following

      • Promoting your brand.calgary digital marketing
      • Using appropriate effective social channels to connect with a relevant audience.
      • Promoting your products/services and brands via electronic media.
      • Enabling your organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and to measure results

Looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy you can count on? Get started with a complimentary consultation with Digital Shift! We can assist you with a complete digital marketing plan that implements a holistic strategy that helps you win new customers.

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