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When consulting with customers about Calgary Digital Marketing services, most appear to be interested in the marketing process and how Digital Shift can help them better reach their ideal customers. More specifically, they are interested in the following aspects of digital marketing:

The Inbound Marketing Sales FunnelCalgary Digital Marketing

Customers inquiring about Calgary Digital Marketing services often first ask about how we can help them generate leads for their business and attract customers. Clients are educated on new marketing techniques and the benefits as opposed to old techniques such as cold calling and spamming email addresses. The marketing funnel is absolutely crucial to educating customers about modern marketing. The funnel is a metaphor for your marketing plan, how it should be structured and implemented, and how it will drive your target customers in your doors, saving you valuable time and money.

TOFU (Top of the Funnel) - at the top of the marketing funnel you want to attract larger audiences. The goal is to increase awareness about your company and its products or services. Furthermore, you want to increase website traffic and engagement as well as grow your retargeting lists to help generate higher quality leads. Some common methods and strategies implemented at this stage in the funnel are blog posts, infographics, photographs, audio podcasts, social media updates, as well as newsletters.

MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) - after a lead is captured by the initial tofu stage of the funnel, either by reading a blog or perhaps listening to a podcast, they enter into the MOFU stage, or middle of the funnel. This is by far the most complicated stage in the inbound marketing funnel because it covers the broadest diversity of customers who all have varying interests in your products or services. As many of our clients interested in Calgary digital marketing are informed, at this stage in the marketing funnel you want to continue to educate consumers while delicately presenting and positioning your company as the solution to their needs. In the MOFU stage, you can provide these customers with the more advanced educational resources such as white papers or case studies detailing how your company has helped other companies in similar situations, or you could also provide other useful resources such as software downloads or hold online information webinars.

BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) - now that you have collected a decent amount of leads from the top of the funnel and nurtured them in the middle of the funnel it's time to go in for the sale. At this point in the sales funnel your customers know who you are and what you offer and would be open to meet one on one for a consultation. For many companies, BOFU is no longer about providing the same type of content as the previous stages. BOFU is about converting customers and more importantly, nurturing and retaining leads, and increasing buyer frequency. Common strategies include offering a demo or free trial, free consultation, mini class learning opportunity, or even a free assessment or evaluation.

Keyword ResearchCalgary Digital Marketing

When Calgary online marketing professionals contact Digital Shift the most common first question is how they can appear higher in Google. In short, the answer to their question is implementing either a strong Local SEO strategy (SEO Calgary) or perhaps a general SEO strategy for their website. The first step to any SEO strategy is conducting keyword research. At Digital Shift we take pride in conducting a thorough analysis and finding keywords with high search frequency but low competitiveness and cost per click. Although it varies from industry to industry the goal is to always find the best keywords that will help your website rank. You could waste your valuable time trying to learn about Calgary online marketing or waste your money taking the best digital marketing courses in Canada, or you could hire a local expert in Digital Shift. If you hire Digital Shift, it will save you valuable time, money, and an endless amount of stress and frustration.

Ideal CustomerCalgary Digital Marketing

Arguably the most important aspect of any marketing plan is properly identifying your target market and ideal customer. When a company approaches Digital Shift one of the first steps if filling out an ideal customer worksheet. This process helps identify exactly who the target customers are and some of their needs. This information helps with every aspect of the marketing plan. For example, if you know your customer will be searching "digital marketing courses Calgary" or "online marketing courses Calgary" chances are they want to learn more about digital marketing or have a need relating to their online presence. This can help you tailor advertisements that can be shown to them at specific times or places to make them more likely to convert.

Calgary Digital MarketingServices

Customers always want a list of services and corresponding descriptions offered by Digital Shift. The main services include social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising campaigns (PPC), video production and advertising, SEO, Local SEO, as well as web design packages. More recently, there has been a shift in Edmonton and Calgary digital marketing focusing more on web page design and optimization of content to help companies rank higher organically. This can be attributed to the competitive and costly nature of PPC campaigns, forcing smaller businesses to seek out more cost-effective strategies. To learn more about search engine optimization services offered by Digital Shift click here.

Usual Method of Lead GenerationCalgary Digital Marketing

One major problem that many small businesses and varying business professionals have is lead generation. Initially, when you first start your business, you rely on word of mouth and positive referrals to attract new customers. While this method appears to be a solid strategy, there are many tangible factors affecting the results. You must ensure you provide excellent customer service and product or service with a strong warranty. However, even if you have the best product in the world word of mouth still has incredibly limited potential because of its seasonality. You cannot control when your customers talk about or encourage others to seek you out. This can devastate your business over time. This is exactly why you must implement a strong inbound marketing plan, so you continually get new leads throughout the year, not all in two months. Whether you are a small business looking for Calgary digital marketing and web design services, or a doctor seeking a better higher organic ranking in Google search results, Digital Shift can custom tailor a unique marketing plan to help you better reach your customers.

Calgary Digital Marketing Service Area

Digital Shift specializes in providing digital marketing solutions for business services and home service businesses in Calgary, Alberta. We service all of Calgary including Arbour Lake, Signal Hill, Southwest Calgary, Southeast Calgary, Shawnessy, Mckenzie Towne, and Northeast Calgary. We also service the following surrounding communities Airdrie, Balzac, Delacour, Conrich, Chestermere, Indus, De Winton, Priddis, Pirmez Creek, Bearspaw, Glenbow, and Cochrane. Contact us to learn more about digital marketing and how it can make all the difference for your business!

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