Applause Rate

What is Applause Rate?

The Applause Rate measures the average favourites or likes your posts receive on social media. The Applause rate is easy to observe in many situations, but it is difficult to indicate Applause Ratewhere growth sprouts occur due to the averaging or what may have caused them. Let’s see how do we measure the Applause rate.

One Twitter:

Applause Rate = # of Favorite Clicks Per Post

On Facebook:

Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post

On Google Plus:

Applause Rate = # of +1s Per Post

On a Blog, YouTube:

Applause Rate = # of +1s and Likes Per Post (or video)

How to use Applause Rate

The score you receive for your applause rate must be viewed critically because the rate only shows the number of likes for each post. This means that potentially the most liked post can actually be your most disliked post, but the post has been exceptionally viral. Now, you need to figure out one core question: What does your audience like and what do they dislike?

For example- Let’s say you have 112,320 likes on a post. We then need to dig deeper into your post to see why this post has received so much positive feedback. Is this post popular because people are interested in the 50% discount for next Sunday or because the post leaves a heartwarming message? It is important to explore the underlying reasons for the applause rate scores.

Two Other Related and Important Measures

There are three important numbers to measure how is your social media campaigns reach your business objectives; Amplification rate, Conversation rate, and Applause rate.

Social media is a significant tool used in each marketing stage. We use it to create awareness – letting people know our brand exists. We use it to attract our audience, strengthening the brand to increase loyalty and peak interest to products and services. We also use it to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and ensure we reach set goals.

We use Amplification rate, Conversation rate, and Applause rates to analysis the efficiency and effectiveness of a social media campaign.

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