Average Session Duration

What is Average Session Duration?

Average session duration is a measurement of the average amount of time a user spends on a session. A 'session' is the length of time where a user is actively engaged with a website. If Average Session Durationthere is a high bounce rate for a particular website, it is likely to have a low average session duration. As the average session duration increases, it is likely that more pages will be visited during a particular session. Average session duration does not measure a website's ability to generate traffic, rather it measures a website's ability to engage users to keep them on a website. This metric is a good indication of a website's attractiveness. This metric ultimately helps to measure and monitor the conversion rate.

How to Increase Average Session Duration

The following list provides ideas to help increase the allurement of a website and thus increasing average session duration:

  • Navigation is easy and intuitive
  • Content is relevant and effective
  • Images are crisp, clear, and relevant to the content
  • Videos used to enhance content
  • Content is well structured
  • Internal links to keep the user on the website
  • Chat functions available if appropriate

In short, provide strong information about relevant items and display them in an organized way. Try to manage user expectations properly as users who are promised the world but are given sub-par results will quickly leave the page to find another website.  The more engaging your content is, the more time a user will spend on your website.

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