Bottom Of The Funnel (BOFU)

What is BOFU?

BOFU (Bottom Of The Funnel) is the bottom portion of the inbound marketing sales funnel. You have already, at this point, created awareness with TOFU content and continued to retarget and engage that audience with MOFU content. BOFU is the crucial final part of the funnel as you are looking to increase sales and increase retention.


Since you have built up that relationship with the potential customer, you are looking to nurture that customer and grow your retargeting lists. You want to maximize immediate customer value and increase buyer frequency. At this stage, you should use valuable content such as free trials, webinars, mini-classes and comparison sheets to other products. This allows for good dialogue to open between your most qualified leads and you to get closer to conversion.

When measuring the effectiveness of your BOFU content, you can look at certain metrics. These metrics are the number of qualified sales leads, retargeting list growth, retention rate, buyer frequency, promotional email click through rate and average customer value. Each metric will give you information on different aspects of how your content is performing.

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