What is MOFU?

MOFU stands for the middle of the funnel and refers the marketing funnel in the content lifecycle. Generally, middle of the funnel content is used to bridge the gap between the top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel. MOFU helps get customers through the initial phase of interest, to the final phase of conversion or sale. MOFU is considered the most complicated ofMOFU all three stages because the customers have differing levels of interest and have yet to become fully qualified leads. It is up to marketers to gauge each visitors readiness to buy, and to educate them and slowly move them towards making a purchase.

Content in the MOFU

Content in the middle of the funnel could be any assets that help reach leads in your company database. It should continue to educate potential customers while also revealing the solution to their problem search. It is at this point in the funnel where you position your company as the solution. Therefore, you must generate credibility at this stage in the funnel, so the customers see you as trustworthy. It is also absolutely crucial that the content in the middle of the funnel be as persuasive, educational, and targeted as possible.

MOFU Metrics

Some important metrics used in the middle of the funnel are:

  • number of leads
  • email list growth
  • offer conversion rate
  • retargeting list growth
  • newsletter/email open and click through rate

When these metrics are combined with useful resources in the middle of the funnel marketers are better able to identify where each client is in the marketing funnel and how likely they are to move to the next stage (BOFU).

Goals of MOFU

Marketers goals at MOFU are to nurture leads as well as gauge, build, and monitor purchase intent of customers. They want to grow retargeting email lists so they can remarket to interested customers. It’s critical marketers ensure their solution is a good fit and that the client is interested in purchasing. By monitoring buyer behavior in MOFU, marketers can determine each buyer’s particular needs and better address them.

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