Cost per Page Like

What does Cost per Page Like mean?

Cost Per Page LikeCost per Page Like is the average advertising cost received for each “like” received on a social media page as a result of interacting with an ad. This metric tells you how much you spend to receive a like on pages you are tracking on social media platform such as Facebook. Understanding this ratio will help bring valuable information that will drive decisions about your ad campaigns. Here are some benefits of tracking the Cost per Page Like calculation.

Benefits of tracking Cost per Page Like

Understanding this metric is an easy way to save money on your ad campaigns and reach your advertising goals.  Here are some of the benefits you can realize:

  • Know how much you are paying for each page like, and how this ratio varies over time.
  • Create better ads by understanding which type ads provide the best results for your audience.
  • Save on advertising costs by removing costly and ineffective ads and expensive settings.
  • Find the best way to ask for likes for your specific target market.

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