Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

Traditional text ads are based on direct keywords. Dynamic Search Ads is a type of ad that's created by the contents of your website. That means the system will automatically create anDynamic Search Ads ad for your website even though there are no directly related keywords on your website.

Why use Dynamic Search Ads?

  • DSA fills in the gaps in the keywords campaign, and you can get the better return on investment.
  • DSA targets ads to many different queries.
  • Saving more time on the ads creating process. DSA using Google's organic search index for your website to choose where your ads will be that related to your product.
  • Automatically refreshing your ads. When you update your web page, the web page will be crawled again. It will make sure that your ad is fresh.
  •  Control your campaign. You can easily control what is your ads about, is your entire website, or a specific category. Also, you can easily stop your ads showing the products that are temporarily unavailable.
  • Capture additional traffic. DSA has a wider range that covers more audience. That means your products have more opportunity shows to different audiences and gain more profit.

Who should use DSA?

  • When your business provides different products or services, and some of them are changing over time.
  • Your products or services are seasonal provides to the market.
  • You are expanding your business to a new market.

When DSA may not be ideal for your business

DSA may not be the best choice for the website with changing content frequently. For example, websites that change deals daily aren't the best fit for DSA, because content won't be detected immediately.

DSA and Ad Rank

Ways of your ad's ranking stay the same. It is based on the Quality Score of your ads.

Controlling: you still control the dynamic ad target, ad templates, bids, and your budget. Negative keywords function still available.

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