Organic Search

What does Organic Search mean?

Both organic search results and non-organic (ads) search results are used to optimize listings on search engines. Organic search result listings are generated through a search engines Organic Searchalgorithms. These algorithms essentially say what is important and relevant, keeping in mind the intent of the search. Non-organic search results are based on listing purchases and highest bids.

How to Improve Organic Search Ranking?

There are many ways to boost the ranking of a listing on a search engine results list. One way is to use key terms within the content, focus keyword, and meta description of a listing that experiences a high volume of searches. This is seen as important to a search engines algorithms and have relevance to the term being searched.  A term such as "home care" may experience a high volume of searches on various search engines such as Google or Bing; if the term "home care" was used within the titles, content, focus keyword, and meta description of a listing it would have a competitive advantage against other similar listings. Along with terms used within content, links, headings, and structure are also important for a listing to move up organically in search engines.

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