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What is a Search Query? A query is a question or phrase used to gain and validate information. Digital marketing uses a query to refer to the string of words entered into a search engine’s search box. The string of words is entered into a search box on an internal or external search engine website to locate information. The point of a search query is to allow the user to access valuable information quickly and effectively. By studying the keyword…

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Blogs, What are they? A blog is an online source of information such as news, a diary or a journal that is updated frequently or periodically following a consistent schedule. A blog is a tool that is used to express and share information with the purpose of educating your online audience. You can consider a blog your personal website that is updated frequently to maintain value for your followers. The word blog is short for weblog and can be used…

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banner ad

What is a Banner Ad? A banner ad is a particular form of advertising on the Internet. It is usually a medium-sized display ad with some text written in the advertisement. These advertisements are embedded in a web page, and their main intention is to direct traffic to the advertiser’s web page once a visitor clicks on the advertisement.  Most advertisers use advertisement networks, such as Google AdWords, to organize and produce their ads. These…

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inbound link

What is an Inbound Link? An inbound link is when another link comes directly to your website from another site. The person who received the link is generally the person using the term “inbound link”. As an example, putting a hyperlinked phrase, right here, that links to our graphic designer’s website would be an inbound link for the designer and an outbound link for us. Why Are Inbound Links Important? 1. Increase in Traffic If someone writes a b…

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organic search

What does Organic Search mean? Both organic search results and non-organic (ads) search results are used to optimize listings on search engines. Organic search result listings are generated through a search engines algorithms. These algorithms essentially say what is important and relevant, keeping in mind the intent of the search. Non-organic search results are based on listing purchases and highest bids. How to Improve Organic Search Ranking? T…

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