Squint Test

What is “The Squint Test”?the squint test

The Squint Test is a quick test to check the effectiveness of a web page or landing page. It is used by design experts to determine if the primary elements of the page have focus. An optimally designed page will have a few key elements that naturally draw your attention. The purpose of the squint test is to test this effectiveness. The test is done by squinting your eyes and letting them freely navigate the page. The sections of the page where your eyes first navigate to are the “high traffic” sections and are on top of the visual hierarchy of the page. These areas should flow and be designed to improve the results of your landing page or website. To achieve the results from visitors, the areas that stand out should contain the call to actions and areas where valuable content is provided.

What to look for with the Squint Test?

The test reveals the figure and ground relationships of the elements on the page. The specific things to look for are as follows:

  • Are your background elements properly in the background?
  • Are your foreground elements properly popping out against the background?
  • Is the linear path and relationship between elements properly set?
  • Is the call to action or main focus of your page the most eye-catching element?

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